“So…Mary…what CAN you eat?!”

Let me begin by saying I am very pleased at the responce to my very first post on my brand spankin’ new blog! My friends have shown their support, as well as new peeps I have ‘met’ via Twitter & even some fellow bloggers have liked & followed the page–strangers actually stopped by, woo hoo! It was kind of random that the first post covered my gluten-free excursions in New York; I want this page to cover an array of topics that interest me as well as those around me, & those 2 subjects seemed like a good place to start. (Sort of ironic, though, that I state I am ‘Just another SoCal blogger’ & you know…my introduction is a story about NYC, lol).

In under 24 hours, I have had some of you e-mail me & want to know more about this whole ‘Gluten Free Lifestyle’, & I also found out it is getting some buzz since Disney Pop Girl, Miley Cyrus, announced this week shes on a GF diet. In Miley’s case, though, it sounds like its more for the dieting boost it CAN indeed give you short term; I don’t think she gets migraines & frequent bathroom visits (gross…sorry…but true!) if she decides to eat pizza. That brings me to the next hot topic….losing weight. Yes, I did notice I got extra skinny initially, but, I also think that could have been because I was actually able to feel GOOD again to get out & move. If you have an intolerance to wheat, that can also make you dangerously underweight since you are not keeping your nutrients in you. No fun. Now, I am about my average weight. I have discovered such an array of GF food & desserts….& desserts…already high in calories, but tend to be higher in GF products when it takes more alternative ingredients to make them, just sayin’.

So…what CAN I eat?! Well, like I mentioned in the previous post, at home, I pretty much eat the same things you gluten-eaters do. Markets are seeing the demand for GF products, & even mainstream stores like Ralphs are carrying cupcakes, bread & muffins now. I buy quite a bit at the local SoCal health food market, Sprouts. There, I can find frozen pizza, pad thai noodles, muffins, english muffins, breads, cakes, pretzels, sandwich cream cookies, pastas, croutons & cereals all GF (& yes, all those products I just listed commonly do have wheat & gluten in them). Another market that is really with it is Trader Joes; they will even give you a print out of all GF friendly foods in the store. Most recently, I found out their almond horns are GF as well as a special flouress chocolate cake! They also have pancakes & waffles GF in the freezer area. They are great too because you can find them in more suburban areas; being that I am originally from Santa Barbara County, it can be tougher to find some foods in the middle of nowhere, yet we had a TJ’s about a half hour away.
Whole Foods is another good resource; their delis usally are loaded with GF yummies as well as a knowledgable staff who are used to hearing, “These tofu sticks have tamari in them, so is there wheat??” all day long (& for the record, tamari is usually safe, but still always ask!).

With all these great resources…there is a downside. The sticker price. Unfortunetly, if you are stuck with an allergy, that doesn’t also mean you are wealthy. Yet, the¬†manufacturers must have the wrong idea, since alot of these products are indeed more money. A GF pie can be $12.99. If you feel you have a problem digesting gluten, you should by all means not care about the cost as much as possible, though. I recommend even starting a piggy bank for your GF foods. Everytime you are considering a coffee drink, or something you don’t truly need from the mall, think of your loaf of bread or that pizza to eat when you get home from a long day.

I had mentioned I would pass on my favorite GF friendly places in SoCal, now that you know all about the NY hot spots! So, as promised….
*BJ’s Brewhouse: They even are making their famous Pazookie GF-option now, how awesome are they?!?
*Pei Wei: I always get the GF spicy shrimp, you can ask them for the menu though & see what else there is.
*Deanos Gourmet Pizza at LA’s farmers Market: They will do GF pizza or any pasta dish you don’t mind having spaghetti noodles used….my favorite is the alfredo!
*Chipotle: As long as you ask for corn tortillas, or a burrito bowl, you are good to go.
*Rubio’s: They are popping up all over down here, & I really like their tacos!

If you are serious about learning more, I also recommend Elizabeth Hassleback’s (Co-Host of The View) book, The G Free Diet.
Before I end this post (with plans for a new topic next time, promise!) I do want to make a shout out to all my friends over the years who have made sure I am comfortable when I have visited them in that they have made sure to have things I can eat at their homes for me; I have never gone hungry!;) That goes for when I am out with them, too, they always make sure to accomodate me & my pesky needs, & it truly warms my heart! Thank you!!! xo

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  1. jamiegall1930 says:

    This reminds me, I need to email you about some of the awesome gluten free finds I’ve run across =) We’ll exchange some yumminess!

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