(Not so) Lonely Only Child….

Thanks to word-of-mouth (aka-Facebook), I learned that today, May 2nd, is Brothers & Sisters Day! Incidentally, last month for April Fools Day, my gag on a Facebook status was that my Mother was pregnant & I would become a big sister. It got me thinking about a question I have been asked many, many times, especially as I have gotten older, “Mary, do you like being an only child?” while that is a bit of a loaded & difficult question to truly answer, because how do I really know this, being that I have no siblings?! I suppose having many friends with brothers & sisters, & watching reruns of that weekly ABC drama with Sally Field, it could give me an idea as to whether or not I feel it would have influenced me. Overall, I have to say I am fine that I was the only child for my parents. We’ve had many issues with finances & money was tight through the years, so I know it would have been even harder to see my folks make sure not only me, but perhaps one or two (or three??) more kids, all have what we needed.
I also get, “Would you want a brother or a sister? Big or little?” Argh, again, people, I really do not know! If I had to choose a brother or sister, I probably would pick a sister; if she were older, she maybe could have been a great advice go-to person, maybe helping me with boys or my insecurities with my appearance, typical girl stuff we go through. If she had been younger, I would have fun doing things with her as if I am the authority, haha!

Then, there are the stereotypes…I must be self-centered, spoiled, a loner. All of which, I think are false (& I hope you do, too!). My parents taught me to be a polite, giving, sharing individual. Growing up, I do admit I was more on my own, as to where now, I have many friends & enjoy being social. Yet, I do not mind taking trips by myself or spending the day reading (or blogging) & talking to nobody.

I am VERY close to my Mother, which can get me in trouble sometimes, so I wonder if there would be less of that smothering-feeling going on if there was more than one. I’ve also had health issues over the years, so perhaps no matter what, that extra shot of worry would be there.
Instead, I am blessed to have not only my Mom, but great friends in my life, many of whom I have called my ‘Sisters’;-)
To anyone who reads this, do you have siblings? Are you a fellow only? Do you feel left out today because the Internet has seemed to stir up a new holiday? Or are you jealous of me if you do have siblings (lol)?! Please feel free to tell me your thoughts, I would love to hear them!:)

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2 Responses to (Not so) Lonely Only Child….

  1. veghotpot says:

    Great post! I had one younger sister growing up then 6 years ago my dad remarried and has had another 4! So I now have 3 sisters and 2 brothers and it is quite fun, especially looking after the little ones. Me and my sister used to fight all the time but I guess now were older we have more in common. It’s interesting to hear your point of view becauce me and my husband have said we would only want one child and everyone always says they’ll be “spoilt/ loner/ brat” etc but were very down to earth people and Id like to think I could give one child the best life they could possibly have whilst teaching them how to be grounded and greatful etc.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by! & totally, I have encountered MANY people from big fams, & they’re more self-centered & spoiled than only kids I know. I truly think its all about the parent. Your child will be fine if you choose to not have anymore!:)

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