Horsing Around!

Last weekend I had such a fun adventure with my Blogger Buddies, Jamie (http://mngirlinla.com/)  & Erin going to visit the horses often featured on her http://horsingaroundinla.wordpress.com/ blog. Growing up, I loved horses; riding & being around them. As I have grown up, I have become more nervous around them & rarely have the chanch to hang out with them. We started our day over at The Los Alamitos Race Track in Orange County to see some of Erin’s 4 legged buds get their run & practice in. It was a gorgeous morning to be at the track; surrounded by trees & blossoming flowers. I think some people would be surprised that there is such a great track in the heart of OC!
From there, we headed on over to the stables for some 1-on1 time with many horsies, & kitties, too! Here are some of my favorite photos I caught from the day in Pretty, Sunny SoCal….

Los Alamitos Race Track:

Dakota, over at the stables!

Caspian, 1 of my favorites….

“Can I borrow some sugar cubes, Buddy?”

“Hey Guys! Whats new?!”

“Heard any good jokes lately?”

Come on to my house!

Pretty Priscilla, having a drink! I love her tongue!

Whaddaya see, cutie?!


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4 Responses to Horsing Around!

  1. So are the horses on a gluten free diet too? That would be interesting to find out!! 😉

  2. When Sarah gets her Jockey license we so totally gotta go see her 1st race!!! 🙂

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