The 20th Annual Weenie Roast!

If you’re not from Southern California, I know what you might be thinking, “Is this a veggie dog cookoff post?” If you ARE from SoCal, you might still be thinking this, or going, “Aw nice! She went to The Weenie Roast!” which is an awesome annual rock & puck music event held in Irvine, CA. While its usually held later in the summer, they pulled out all the stops this year holding it on Cinco De Mayo. I first heard of the roast in 2001 when I was seeing my very 1st concert at the same venue (Dido…remember her? The “I want to thank you” singer?!) & it was listed on the marquee, 12 years later, I finally attend my first Weenie Roast, & really the only time yet for me experiencing a music festival as hardcore as this one, it was epic & I felt very at home!! People are often surprised that my diverse interests include moshing out & losing my voice singing along to the rockers, you bet!;-)

The mainstage acts begin at about 5pm, which I was most excited for as pop-goth-rock band, Garbage took to the stage for what I felt was too short of a performance! It could be because I adored them growing up (& wanted to look like Shirley Manson) & hearing so many of their old hits brought back many memories for me, despite the absence of songs I love from their 2001 & 2005 albums….no Cherry Lips…no Bad Boyfriend…but we did get all the goodies from their first 2 hit albums like I Think I’m Paranoid & of course their signature, Only Happy When It Rains!

A band I was not too familar with but left loving was Pennywise, they truly know how to amp it up! By the time they hit the stage, it was truly reaching a fever pitch of a mosh out enviorment; I have to say I am glad we had seats & were not on the lawn, as you had probably about 5,000 people behind us in general admisssion dancing & setting bonfires to stay warm!
Silversun Pickups were up next; aone of the few newer bands to hit the scene in recent months that I am aware of as well as love; I first heard of them last year when my friend, Nikki, told me they were getting comparisons to The Smashing Pumpkins, one of my all-time favorites. They opened with their radio hit, Lazy Eye & went on to do their new single Bloody Mary & closed with their biggest hit to date, Panic Switch. In between, they played a mix of songs from their 2 albums & I already can’t wait to see them again; a rock yet chill vibe that I love with a set. & their leader, Brian, is as cute as a button!

Now! Next up….scheduled was The Offspring…the crowd was flipping out getting ready to sing the words to all their hit songs that span since the early 90s….instead, we got a SURPRISE band…..SOUNDGARDEN took to the stage!!!! I am a huge 90s addict; any grunge or musician labeled ‘alternative’ from that era, I am there. & I love their new single, Live to Rise. Chris Cornell sounded too funny as he said, “Hey, we’re Soundgarden. We’re not on the bill or anything, we just decided to play”!
Then, OFFSPRING! They’re the kind of band you can think you are not too familar with them, yet see them in concert & you will most likely be going, ‘I know this song!’ ‘Oh, THIS is an Offspring song?!’ I have been a fan of theirs since Americana came out in 1999 (Lordy I feel old) & was thrilled to finally be singing along with 20,000 other fans to Pretty Fly (For a White Guy), Keep ’em Seperated, The Kids Aren’t Alright & Why Don’t You Get a Job. Their music reminds me of 2 other special concerts I have gone to: The Go-Gos when I was 14 & The Smashing Pumpkins reunion in San Francisco in 2007, as both those trips we played their albums on the drive to the venues!:-)

After they left us truly buzzed, hyped & a little deaf, Incubus graced the stage with all of Brandon Boyds sexiness….yes, ladies…he took off his shirt!;-) Also has very long hair he pulled back mid-way through the set….yes, HOT! But, they’re also a great & talented band, doing all their songs I love from the radio like Pardon Me, Wish You Were Here, Drive & Nice to Know You. They would be a great band to see on their own.
Around 11pm, Coldplay came out. Introducing their set with a really cool laser & light show. I admit, they’re not a favroite of mine, but a very touching part of their show was when they did an acoustic, chill cover of You’ve Got to Fight For Your Right to Party, in honor of Adam’s passing, from The Beastie Boys. Most bands made a somber mention of him, reminding us just how fun, yet too short, life is & can be.

What are some great concerts or festivals you have been to?:-)

*All photography copyrighted & taken by Along Comes Mary. Please ask for permission BEFORE using in your own media. Thank you!
Garbage taking the stage……



Silversun Pickups…..

(Last 3 are The Offspring & Incubus)

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