Mother’s Day Sunday!

I have been debating this post. Should I really get all gushy & emotional to tell you about my best friend, who is also my Mom? Especially since I know alot of my friends do not have the best relationship with their own? My conclusion is…yes. My Mom is such a huge part of my life & has helped shaped me into the woman I am, that I feel how can I not pay homage to her when Mother’s day just passed?? 😉

I feel really blessed to have such a great friendship with my Mom; I often will say it is both a blessing & a curse how close we are; & I do even find myself with holding info about my life here & there just so I do not have to get into a deep discussion with her, or explain I don’t know why a guy did or didn’t call me back (haha). Sometimes, I also definitely notice that generation gap; my bestie & confidant is a woman born in the 1950s, while I am a product of the 1980s. We have talked about that, too, & she admits how much more simple life was for her at my age; college fees weren’t an issue, jobs were easier to come by, illnesses were not as common for young people & the cost of living overall just was not the burden it is on us all nowadays. I also applaud her generation; I feel many political issues were not swept under the rug, & people took advantage more of freedom of speech, & you have to admire the love is free & make love not war mindset from her ‘hay day’…although, I totally would have been a hippy if I were her…she claims she was not 😉

She also claims I am more spunky & gutsy than she was at my age….having recently said “I would have never taken a trip by myself to New York, tackled mosh pits or played a Stripper in a movie like you, Mary!” (While I have written some about my NYC & moshing ventures…I know I have yet to share with you my experience on a 10 day overnight film shoot….I wasn’t supposed to be a good Stripper, just for the record!). I feel it is quite the contrary; I bet there is alot about Mom she has not told me that perhaps inspired where I get my maybe-spunk from….I think I am somewhat lazy, anyways.

My Mother is my friend I can always count on, & I take advantage of that. Who do I call at 4 in the morning when I am sad, cannot sleep or see something silly on tv? Who knows before me a boy I will have a crush on or what kind of movie I am going to want to see? Yep, Mommy!
Shes had the burden of taking care of me, too; having been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 8 years old, I cannot imagine how scared she must have been having to give her sick little girl insulin shots, then hoping it was enough insulin so I don’t feel sick from high blood sugar, or too much insulin & praying that I don’t take a nap yet never wake up because the insulin made me go too low & into a coma. Shes always done all she can for me; she is the reason I now live this life I love in SoCal; having helped me make the big leap from small town mouse to city mouse, & always encouraging me to keep going when times are frustrating.

I got to see her for Mother’s Day, a 1st in 2 years for us! Below, some pictures of Mom riding the Hot Air Balloon Race at Knotts Berry Farm, as well as a picture of my gifts she gave me for Mother’s Day. Yeah, you might be thinking, “I didn’t think Mary is a Mom?” I am not. Not even to pets. But, since I was young, Mom has had the silly habit of giving ME a gift on Mother’s Day since she is honored to be celebrating the holiday because of me….silly, I know. This year, she got me the adorable gift of a suitcase with How to be A Princess trinkets inside (I made her show me the receipt that it truly was only $2 on a clearance table) aaaannnd, you guessed it….a gluten free CUPCAKE!;-) Thanks, Mom!

I love you more than anyone or thing in the world! xo (&PS….she would kill me if she knew these photos of her were on my blog…so this is our secret, ok?!)

(Cupcake from Santa Barbara…chocolate…mmmm…)

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5 Responses to Mother’s Day Sunday!

  1. chris says:

    LOVE those pics of your mom in the basket!

  2. nyparrot says:

    I can totally relate. My mom is my best friend too. I love your mom’s photos – she looks like a little kid having fun at Disney :-).

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