Belmont Shore Stroll ‘n Savor!

Alot of SoCal folks I have found often overlook the fun in the sun to be had about 45 mins out of LA in the city of Long Beach…which is actually the SECOND largest city in LA County. Within this great city lays a seashore neighborhood called Belmont Shore (or “The Shore” if you’re one of the cool kids) which is right on the beach with an abundance of gorgeous homes, buildings & the hotspot main drag, 2nd Street. When I was super little, nothing excited me more than hearing we were going to Long Beach & ‘The 2nd Street” as I referred to it 😉

Every summer, 2nd Street holds an amazing food festival called Stroll ‘n Savor; for 2 evenings out of each month (Usually the 2nd Weds & Thurs through August). It really feels like summer is upon me when I see the banners up promoting the 1st event in May, which I attended last evening with my partners in crime (& blogging buds),  Jamie & Erin 😉
For only 10 dollars, you get a booklet of 12 coupons which enables you to stop by any participating restaurant & get a generous helping of a favorite dish of theirs….I started out at a coffeehouse to get a small-sized iced tea for only 1 coupon….then, there was my thai mango sticky rice for 4 coupons…mmmm! Erin & I decided to spilt a book on top of our own, so we both ended up with 18 coupons for 15 dollars, & I highly recommend this as these are not ‘sample sizes’ you are given, so $15 is well worth your cash. Just stop by the ice cream shop & you will see what I mean.

Theres pizza, tri tip, chili, pasta. Theres chow mein, pad thai, frozen yogurt & mac ‘n cheese. Theres coffee, donuts, pastries & tacos. Theres salads, hot dogs & even wine! Whether you’re gluten-free, meat-free or nothing free, you will find something to eat at The Stroll ‘n Savor. The highlights for me were the pad thai tofu, gourmet ice cream, caramel white chocolate-brown sugar cinnamon candy apple (Oh yeah…I went there!) & baja taco.
Another highlight….for something that is obviously an acquired taste…is balsamic/olive oil gelato. Erin & I spilt one & Jamie captured the look on my face at my first taste…for a gal who despises vinegar, it was not a happy face!

I had a blast & cannot wait for the next time…& I will know just what I love & what to avoid 😉

Starting off our evening saying hey to the hot dog mascot!

Coupons in hand

We 3 chose the Baja Tacos

Kung Pao Tofu…mmmm!

Good portions of our ice cream

We’re the fun group 🙂

Pasta w/ marinara sauce…

Pasta pit stop.

Cupcake time!

….where I tried gelato drenched in balsamic vinegar & olive oil…for the 1st & LAST time.

My favorite dessert…thai mango sticky rice. I was going to keep it for breakfast…but, by 12a, I gave in….

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3 Responses to Belmont Shore Stroll ‘n Savor!

  1. nyparrot says:

    Now a wanna go for some ice cream:-).

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