5 Things I Am Proud Of!

While reading mngirlinla.com this morning, I was intrigued by her newest post about 5 moments she is proud of in her life, & she was inspired by that post from momentsthatdefinelife.com, a blog with various weekly lists where women write about whatever is the featured list/topics for that week (Click the button below to learn more!). I love lists, ask anyone!;-) So, partaking in this weeks seemed perfect for me…here goes…..

Navigating NYC on my own

I have had the pleasure of visiting NYC twice so far. The 1st trek was with friends, as to where the 2nd, I stayed with a friend yet went all over the city while she was at work. I had always had this life-long fear of subways….getting lost…getting on the wrong one…strange people….being in the middle of this huge scary city & feeling (& looking) helpless. But, on my 1st Monday there exploring all on my own, I must admit, I did great! I went from Upper East Side to Central Park East, over to Upper West Side then hopped a train at 72nd Station into Times Square. I only got confused once; trying to figure out the 6 train from an A (or something like that). thank goodness looking helpless paid off, a wonderful security guard told me to take the Grand Central Shuttle, then I could catch the 6 there. By my 9th day there, I truly felt confidant & safe navigating around NYC!:-)

My 1st Solo Road Trip

Up until 2009, I drove a very old Ford van & was still living the country life in Solvang. When my Aunt passed away, I inherited her wonderful mini SUV & coincidentally got invited to see my friends up north near San Francisco & go to afew Tori Amos concerts afew months after (Ears with Feet, anybody??!). Still new to the whole freeway driving, I could not pass up going near San Fran to see my lovely friends & my idol, Tori. Driving up the 101 on a Sunday in the middle of summer is not a light task! There was heavy traffic, lots of concentrating, merging, missing exits, many coffee & bathroom stops & the coolest thing….freedom! I love to drive now & have found for me, I feel such a freedom behind the wheel of my car:-)

My character I played in a film

Since I moved to SoCal, I have been friends & (for awhile) neighbors with a wonderful local film maker, Linda Palmer. Last summer she made her directorial debut with her forthcoming indy comedy, Halloween Party (http://halloweenpartymovie.com/)! I was thrilled when she told me I could have a part in it…but little did I know just what I was getting into! When she offered me the role as (wait for it…) Stripper Ho, I was so hesitant & nearly passed on it. Yet, I have found the things you are afraid of are often the things you should go for in life. So, I went for it & spent 10 overnight nights filming in high heels, a huge blonde wig, a bra & panties. My 1st scene we shot was me giving a pole dance on Linda’s umbrella pole porch table…at 2 in the morning, no less! Being Stripper Ho though gave me a newfound confidence I have held onto long since wrapping; it oddly has made me more comfortable in my own skin & helped me come into my own as a woman. Not that I am running around half naked or giving bad lap dances, QUITE THE CONTRARY!;-) Just, stepping out of my comfort zone felt great…& I would love to reprise my role if theres ever a part 2!;-)

Letting Go

People come & go in life. Sometimes, whether you want them to….or not. There have been times I have had a hard time letting go of certain people over the years, or knowing when to say goodbye. Yet, I have, & in the long run, even though it can hurt like hell, it hits a point you need to know when to respect yourself & let go. I also think it is ok to let go of something (or one) yet accept you will always love them or have feelings for them…I think with that acceptance, it can help you move on. It certainley has for me, anyways.

The people in my life that I love!

I am so proud of my Mom & my friends, & just all the people I am honored & blessed to know. We ALL have overcome so much, so lets raise a glass to one another!:-)

(Central Park East on my 1st morning on my own!)

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10 Responses to 5 Things I Am Proud Of!

  1. jamiegall1930 says:

    ohhh that picture of Central Park is so peaceful =) Great list!

  2. Good for you!!!! NYC on my own terrified me! I tried to stay in familiar neighborhoods, but definitely got more than lost a few times!

    • Thank you!!! I must say, even I was surprised at myself! I truly checked out a new area almost everyday of the trip & every evening found my way back to my beloved, tried & true 6 train to get home!:) When were you there?

  3. Raising a glass to you too! Bless ♥ xx

  4. Awesome that you navigated NYC by yourself! Love your 4 & 5th points too. So well written! Stopping by from Listable Life! 🙂

  5. What a great list – I have yet to navigate a big city alone for any significant period of time – I really want to do it – good for you! I’m inspired to do it myself. And the movie role – what an awesome, step out of your comfort zone thing to do. Sounds like you had fun!

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