Pasadena Chalk Festival & Make Music!

Pasadena is one of my favorite cities in SoCal..since it was the 1st city I ever called home!;) So I love paying visits up there. Every June they host 2 great events over the same weekend; their Chalk Festival & Make Music.  The latter is a city wide event with quite afew businesses & areas of the town taking part to promote music. A portion of downtown is even closed off for their main stages while other sections simply have free music in courtyards & parking lots. Its such an awesome way to hear not only up & coming great bands, but also current radio favorites since Grouplove (“Take me to your best friends house la la la la”…surely you have heard Tongue Tied?!) hit the mainstage this year:-)

I spent the day exploring both festivals with my dear friend from England, Holly! I hope she had as much fun as I did. Here are some photos we both captured…..

Meanwhile, over at the chalk art!

How sweet is this??

One of my most favorites!

(This was impossible to get without a shadow! Every attempt, someone joined in or stopped to admire Simba…like this cutie baby…)

(*All photography copyrighted & taken by Along Comes Mary & Holly Ridout. Please contact Mary for permission BEFORE to use in your own media. Thank you!)

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