Listable Life: 5 Movies I could watch again & again…

Afew months ago, I posted about 5 things I am proud of in conjunction with Nicoles blog, The challenge this week seemed perfect for a movie lover like me, so I thought I would give it a whirl! Remember to check out The Listable Life, too…..(Click the button below!)

1) The Wizard of Oz

Supposidly, this film caused a fiasco at my house when I was around 2 or 3 as my Grandma bought me the VHS & I would not stop watching it, which nearly drove my Mother to insanity! They say it would end, I would hit Rewind…!;-) I have no recollection of these magical days, but I wish I could remember throwing a tantrum when the lights went out after a storm & I could not get the VCR to work!!
I still love the film to this day, & oddly enough have always had a fascination with all things Oz; I love the prequel musical, Wicked & the books by Gregory McGuire.

2) Kindergarten Cop

This to me is a true 90s classic!;-) Arnold Schwarzeneggar as a tough street officer forced to become a subsitute teacher to try to find a drug dealers son & ex-wife (& of course, falls in-love with her in the process…). We have the VHS at my Grandma’s house & sure enough we usually end up watching it when my folks & I are over there!

3) An Affair to Remember

Another oldie I grew up watching…its one of those films I always hope something different will happen when shes on her way to The Empire State Building:-(

4) The Parent Trap (Original)

I can quote movies pretty darn well, but probably The Parent Trap is one I could easily win a prize for quoting & the dialects! I love classic Disney movies, & you really could not go wrong with the talent in this film (Maureen O’Hara & Brian Keith) but again, just like the others I have listed, I have grown up watching this one & it never gets old for me or my parents.

5) Little Miss Sunshine

Yes, something from the past 10 years!!!;-) This movie has become a newer obsession for me; I saw it on TV & thought it was great, then couldn’t pass up buying it at Target for $5 & I must say, I am surprised the disc has not worn out on me I have watched it so much! I think its got great morals & speaks to any of us as we all think our family is dysfunctional. How can you not love Olive Hoover & her family for trying so hard to get her to the pageant, then her talent skit is absolutely priceless…it shows you the innocence of a 7 yr old to not question the things her Grandpa taught her to get up there doing, & for her parents to be oblivious to what she had been rehearsing truly seems like something that could go on in a busy, stressful household!

So! Thats my list, why don’t you visit The Listable Life & then create your own?! I would love to read your movies! xo

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