Wendy’s SoCal Wants to Send YOU to LegoLand, CA!

Being a Gluten Free Pescatarian (I eat no meat except fish sometimes), I hardly eat fast food. But, growing up, I did frequent Wendy’s & loved their kids meals & Frosty’s. So, when I received an email from them inviting me to check out their SoCal Facebook page & enter to win a trip for 4 to LegoLand, I checked it out & was pleasantly surprised to see that Wendy’s has quite a bit to offer for those with a diet like myself! They recently starting serving breakfast at certain locations & have an extensive GF menu including their fresh salads, baked potatoes, parfait (which is what I do love for a fast food pit stop) and….the FROSTY is gluten-free, YUM;)

I am so excited that later this month Wendy’s SoCal will hold their sweepstakes for TWENTY(!) lucky winners to get a 4 pack of tickets to take their family to Legoland. I had the fun of going last summer with my friend, Teresa & was surprised at how amazing it was. All lands & exhibits were created by Lego architects based out of their homeland of Denmark. There are rides, mainly for little visitors;) but plenty for all to see. My favorite area was the mini re-creation of city landmarks. Like The Golden Gate Bridge, above & one of my favorites, The Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, below!

If you are unfamiliar with LegoLand, it’s located in Carlsbad, CA, about a half hour from San Diego. Like Wendy’s, they also offer GF fare & have restaurants featured on their web-site that offer it. The ride down from LA or OC on the 405 to the 5 is gorgeous with plenty of beach views from Laguna & Dana Point by your side…make sure to plan out some Wendy’s to stop by, too!;)
So, make sure to swing by their facebook page to enter & let me know if you are a lucky winner!! xo

*Disclosure: Wendy’s contacted me with the information & links regarding the LegoLand sweepstakes & Gluten Free options. All other opinions & information are my own & I am not being compensated to mention Wendy’s. (I did enter the sweepstakes, though!)

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  1. Anarya Andir says:

    I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award and I’d be honoured if you accept!

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