Sadness Theory: Praying to a Gucci God (Album Review!)

Remember awhile back I introduced you to Kattis & her musical vision, Sadness Theory? A wonderful new musician friend I had met through this blog, Kattis’ new album, Praying to a Gucci God, will be RELEASED this week on October 6th & I was more than thrilled when she advanced me a copy to review.

“The album” Kattis explained to me via email from her homeland of Sweden, ” includes ten tracks all written and produced by myself (Katarina Aslanido) and with the valuable contribution from local artists. A common theme in the music is environment, reusing the things we own but also the identity issues that emerge from living in a materialistic society.” It certainly is showcased on songs such as Plastic Fantastic & Red Leather Jacket. The latter strikes me, though, as a song for much metaphor & interpretations; it makes me think it is as if you live life, go out into the world, but maybe missing some things & memories. Then once your feet are on the ground, you will be re-united with your surroundings from where you began, & that should be the memories as oppose to things.

The first track as well as single, Made of Things, brings a smoky voiced Happy Rhodes to mind as Kattis asks “Are we made of things?/Praying to a Gucci God/I feel so empty inside/But I shake my bag.” Black Wedding, another epic song touching upon identity towards materialism, is a beautiful gothic piece with cathedral bells & Kattis’ haunting voice as she says “I scream but I keep it all inside.”

Another favorite is Queen of the Day, “(That) is about Anne Boleyn, inspired by the series of the Tudors and  life of king Henry the eight” she explained to me. One of the things I love most about music is it can become whatever it means to you; while Kattis appears to have written the track based on historical events, I could really relate to it as it made me reflect on rejection & how one feels when they are pushed aside for a new ‘Flavor of the week’, so to speak.

Praying to a Gucci God has many great moments & you can hear Kattis’ love for fellow amazing singer/songwriters such as Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell & Florence & the Machine. For more info on her & the album, I urge you to check out her web-site here!
And, a huge THANKS to Kattis for her patience with me getting this post up ‘n running!;) xo

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2 Responses to Sadness Theory: Praying to a Gucci God (Album Review!)

  1. This look like a great find and onw I will be checking as in down loading onto my iPhone. Is it on iTunes (I hope)? Thanks for the great review and recommendation. 🙂

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