A Hollywood Halloween!

I am a huge Halloween lover. Seeing the creativity of costumes & ideas people can come up with always boggles my mind. So, when Jamie invited me out to the famous West Hollywood Halloween Carnival, which attracts over a half a million corpse brides, zombies, cartoon characters & anyone else you can think of, you bet I was super excited to attend! It’s a photographers paradise, & while I only have my point & shoot at the moment, my goal is to be all professional with a Canon or Nikon next year šŸ˜‰ Here are some highlights….

Some tips for you if you would like to go next year:
Park a bit further away, we parked at the Beverly
Center & only paid $4. Parking lots closer can range from $10-30 bucks. You can also take public
transportation, which might be good if you park away
from the action, & have high heels.

The earlier you arrive truly is BETTER especially for taking in the sights; by the time we were leaving around 930, it was becoming a mob scene & tougher to get through the crowds.

All the restaurants & bars looked super fun, too, & like they had lots of specials šŸ™‚

If you are in search of the spotlight, be EXTRA creative! The better your costume, the moreĀ photo ops you will get from other partygoers. (Psst, ‘Mitt Romney’ with a binder of women/Barbie dolls taped to him, was priceless.)

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5 Responses to A Hollywood Halloween!

  1. How fun that looks. I love Halloween too, for all the same reasons and the photo ops of course… LOL . :-)))

  2. vanessaksmith says:

    That looks so fun! A friend dressed up as Rosie too, but I haven’t seen Uncle Sam! Such creative ideas!

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