Carina Round Live in Silverlake!

I first heard of Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, Carina Round, in Rolling Stone back in 2003 when her debut album was released. I took note of her since they compared her to one of my favorite musicians, PJ Harvey. Fast forward a few years later, I meet my dear friend, Eva, at a Tori Amos concert, who is a huge Carina fan & even went as far to pay the kick-ass artist herself to play acoustic at her birthday party! Since that awesome par-tay, I have been trying to catch Carina, also quite known for working with Puscifer, Maynard James Keenan’s (Tool, A Perfect Circle) current act, play with her band & after much trial & error with missing gigs, I finally saw her last night at The Satellite in uber-chic/hipster playpen, Silverlake. She did not disappoint AT ALL! I thought she was fabulous at a house party with dogs running around her, let alone all plugged in & on fire on stage like a monster. She is not afraid to let loose, allowing her songs to completely overtake her. Carina is a miniature powerhouse in the disguise of a beautiful british lass. Her stage presence takes over the second she is there.

Highlight of the set list for me was most definitely the melancholy look-back at life & those who have slipped away from you in Backseat. “Do I lay/in the backseat of your mind?” she asks, “Just an imprint/Then we’re done” she sings. Up until that point, I was feeling all tough & mighty, then that song melted me. I luckily was able to record some of it, which you should check out on my YouTube here

I am so glad I finally made it out to see her…but, do have one question: When can I again?!;) xo

(Photograph by Eva Crowder)

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