Three Holly,Jolly Years in the Real World!

Notebook Guaraldi

In December, 2009, I moved down to Los Angeles County. I have officially lived here for 3 years now (woo hoo!) & have been thinking a lot about my first few weeks/month on my own; in my very own, overpriced, studio apartment, setting up house, learning my city, signing up for some classes (then dropping them), eating candy cane ice cream at 3am because I could, having no friends, no social life, having a very brief, depressing fling & learning about life as a so-called “Big Girl”.

I couldn’t be happier that time is behind me!

Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for my life, then & now. This time of year always makes me recall those early months, especially certain MUSIC & holiday songs! Tori Amos’ Midwinter Graces had just been released, & although it’s not one of my most favorites from her (Sorry, T!) I still played it all season long, along with Vince Guaraldi Trio’s A Charlie Brown Christmas, which I discovered during that time was perfect for my mood, as it is a very melancholy record; Christmastime is Here & O Tannenbaum can still make me rather sad when I hear them today; I remember how lonesome I felt, especially after that debacle fling.

(A very flattering, spacious shot of my first place!)

I won’t lie: I truly, only recently finally feel settled being on my own & on my own two feet. I have long moved from that overpriced dump, er, beach studio;), have many friends (a lot you have met on my blog!) & am enjoying life. I am loving the holiday time & playing all the holly jolly radio stations. I, oddly, do enjoy playing Christmastime is Here. Despite it can make me feel somber at times, it can also remind me of being super little & hearing it on Christmas morning with my Aunt while we waited to open gifts at my Grandparents house. Same with Tori Amos’ A Silent Night with You, that makes me recall driving around in my new neighborhood, feeling as if anything were possible because I had finally moved out on my own, which had always seemed impossible to me. I still have those “in awe” moments”:)

What are some songs you love to hear this time of year?!


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1 Response to Three Holly,Jolly Years in the Real World!

  1. Oh, my friend, You reminded me of those times when I was first on my own. It’s scary, exciting and everything in-between. I don’t miss them either. The holiday time causes us all to reflect on all things. I believe that is a good thing because it brings on the awareness of all we have accomplished. Happy Holidays my friend.

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