Favorite Films of 2012….

While there have been so many movies this past year that look amazing but I have yet to see (Lincoln, Les Mis & The Avengers are just a few on my to-see list) I thought I would mention some that I did indeed see & loved! What are some you loved, or, maybe, weren’t that impressed with??;)

Friends with Kids
While this was released to a limited amount of theatres in 2011, it has had a strong presence among critics & viewers alike since its DVD release in 2012. I absolutely adored this light-hearted little indy about a woman who’s best friend is a man & they’re both single…& both feeling their clocks are ticking for children so, after several drinks one night, they decide to conceive a baby together yet remain single & search for their better half….but, what happens if she starts to have feelings for her baby-daddy?? Written, produced, directed by and starring Jennifer Westfeldt, & featuring her significant other, John Hamm, I was really impressed with this ensemble film.

Oscar winner, Adrien Brody, stars as a disturbed substitute teacher who enjoys never being in one place for too long. When he arrives at his newest temporary job, hes perhaps in for more than he bargained for as his class consists of bullies, drug users & even prostitutes. Adrien is one of my most favorite actors, & I felt this was one of his best performances in a leading role since 2007’s The Darjeeling Limited. (To see more about Adrien Brody, click on this previous post here!)

Snow White & the Huntsman
Action flicks like this are not usually my thing, but, as a lover of Grimm’s fairy tales & Charlize Theron, I throughly enjoyed Snow White, & on the big screen! Charlize plays The Evil Queen, while Twilight Dame, Kristen Stewart, is the Fairest of Them All, escaping the dungeon her step mother has locked her in & running away to the woods. When she meets The Huntsman (Thor’s Chris Hemsworth, who ain’t tough on the eyes!), who has been hired to hunt her down, they instead develop a friendship (relationship??) & he protects her from The Queen. It’s a film filled with eye candy & spectacular effects.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green
I had the pleasure of seeing & reviewing this film back in August, & appreciated how sweet it was! Now out on DVD, I bet it would be the perfect movie for a cozy night in with the family:)

Katy Perry: Part of Me
While so many feel GaGa is the ‘brainy’ pop artist, & Perry is the ‘bubblegum’/’brainless’ singer, I prefer Katy of all the current pop makers & thought this was a really fun, honest documentary of her California Dreams tour, & even chronicling very sad days on the road as her marriage to Russell Brand came to an end as she was at the top of her game. The glimpse inside to her performances were perfect for me, too, as I wasn’t able to make one of her shows.

Halloween Party
Ok….so, a little self-promotion here for a comedy very close to my heart!:) Halloween Party was written & directed by my friend, Linda Palmer, in 2011. I was on set as a PA & making my feature-length debut as…Stripper Ho! (Yes, you read right). Linda & her partner, mark, have worked their butts off making this a really great film; the editing, acting, lighting, directing, script, is all top-notch….not to mention the MUSIC. The soundtrack is unlike one that usually accompanies an independent project….I will give you an example of how good it is: The intro song, Voodoo, is currently making its way up the chart at being a possible OSCAR Nominee, last I heard, it was at #17 for critics bet at getting into the Top 5. To learn more about the film & music, visit the web-site as well as my previous post, here.

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4 Responses to Favorite Films of 2012….

  1. I have nto seen as many movies as I would have liked to so I will be waiting for the DVD releases. I would loved to have seem Timothy Green but alas I waited to long. I do plan on seeing Les Mis, The Hobit and Hyde Park. Have fun this holiday time and Happy New Year.

  2. Snow White and the Huntsmen was a GREAT one, but 2012 ended well with both the release of The Hobbit and Les Miserables for me!!

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