What I learned in 2012….


Although we’re a few days into the new year, I have been reflecting a lot on 2012, & what, if anything, I learned. Despite some of these things make me sad, this is what I do now know:

Be true to yourself. Life is short.
I had some jobs either fall through, or begin then not be as magical as I thought they would be, last year. I really fretted over this & had many moments of feeling like a failure. But, if I stop & look at the big picture, none of these employment opportunities were what I really wanted to do, anyways. The more I devote myself to jobs where I am making money, yes, but un-happy, the less time I have to focus on what does make me happy.


Its OK if you’re not making the big bucks doing what you love.
Alright, I admit, this is a load of BS in a way! Yes, you should do what you love, but there are bills to pay & mouths to feed. But, I have had some chances this past year for sponsored posts at blogging, something that has truly become a passion of mine, as well as my theatre tech love, & it DOES feel good when you get a check doing what you love!:) Fun little tidbit: I fell in-love with theatre while volunteering for Guys & Dolls, & this past year, I had my first paid gig working on Guys & Dolls….coincidence? I bet not!;)


If he says he doesn’t want a relationship, he’s just not that into you.
This breaks my heart. But yes, if someone acts like they aren’t in a place in their life to have you in their life, their life is so confusing, they cannot do a relationship, blah blah blah, you will find out they are, lo & behold, in a relationship within a few months. Even though I figured this would happen, it still hurt to actually find this out.

When you’re sad, kick some ass!
All I can do is focus on MY life when something like the scenario above brings me down for a bit. If I were in a relationship, I wouldn’t be focusing on ME & the life I want to create. When I find myself falling for someone, it can distract me. Being in a relationship with just myself right now(even though, yes, sometimes I do wish I had a special someone), gives me the time to really think about who I want to be. Hopefully I will know when (or if) Mr. Right comes along.


Again: life is short.
National tragedies like Sandy Hook Elementary & the massacre last summer at the Batman showing, is such a horrible, sad, sobering reminder, that we should enjoy life. Because we just never know.

I prefer to keep Along Comes Mary on the brighter side, but this is probably the most melancholy post I have written. Thank you for reading. xo

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Book Worm, Internet Nerd, Blogger, Daughter, Friend, Caffeine Addict, Non Smoker who sometimes smokes, Lover, Fighter, Ear with Feet, In Search of Bunbury, Gluten Free Pescatarian. Enough about me, what about YOU?;-)
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4 Responses to What I learned in 2012….

  1. Making you a priority will pay off. It may not seem so at times but it will. 🙂

  2. Aunt Mary says:

    Cheer up girl your post is well written and straight to heart.

  3. it’s a good one though =) And it’s good to reflect on what we have learned in life, it only makes us better!

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