The Best Things You Can Eat is FULL of Great Advice! (+Giveaway!)

grotto_bestthings3-2Sweet potatoes for good blood sugar? Aged cheese to build strong bones?  Black beans to fight cancer? In Health Expert, David Grotto’s new book, The Best Things You Can Eat, he un-covers just that….& most of the pages are filled with amazing recipes & foods you probably don’t think of when you feel you need to be healthier! While nutrients in greens such as spinach & kale (greens i love, but I know many would rather choose a candy bar!) are explained, Grotto does a masterful job at keeping this dietary book real….& dare I say, yummy;)

You may recall my meeting with Dave back in August at a very strawberry soiree & I have since had his 101 Optimal Life Foods nearby me when in search for food advice. In Best Things, Grotto covers every kind of food you can imagine for treating sleep problems, aches & even Type 1 & 2 Diabetes (I am a T1….who loves salmon & sure enough, it is listed as a great way to lower high blood sugar), he goes on to explain what kind of vitamins are found within what you’re eating….he even lists…ready?! Milk & cereal as an excellent source for your 10 Daily Nutrients.

Farir_StrawB 018                                                  (With the Author, August, 2012)

You will also find tips on preventing the FLU & COLDS & who isn’t all ears for any help we can get for those buggers? (Psst…as always, Vitamin C is at the forefront). I also love that the book continues to show Dave’s sense of humor; when he writes of the power of carrot juice, he does warn you…that while it’s not harmful, drinking a lot of it may cause you to turn orange;)
Check out Dave’s blog here & would you like to read The Best Things you can Eat for yourself?! Because Dave’s people have very kindly offered to mail a copy to one lucky winner! To enter, all you have to do is follow my blog, like my Facebook (which can be done on the right hand side of this page) & leave me a comment on here letting me know you did so, by February 10th:) Good luck!!! xo

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5 Responses to The Best Things You Can Eat is FULL of Great Advice! (+Giveaway!)

  1. Susan Cooper says:

    Count me in. I would love this. 🙂

  2. Count me in, too! Oh wait…I already have a copy. LOL! Thanks so much for the nice review!!

  3. I liked your FB page a wile back so I guess i’m entered. 🙂

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