See’s Candies is Perfect for Easter and Fundraising, too!

Wow! What a crazy, fun week I have had. As some of you know, I have been hosting a dear friend of mine & her little boy while they were in town to experience Disneyland & the ocean for the very first time. I cannot wait to tell you more but in the meantime, I want to tell you how excited I was to arrive home late after Disneyland with a box from See’s Chocolates at my door, perfect to enjoy while girl gabbing & catching up with my friend!:)

They treated me to their adorable Easter Assortment box, which comes in a darling keepsake box & inside you will find 2 chocolate bunnies, 2 marshmallow eggs, their famous ‘Scotchmallow’ egg (Sooo yum), jelly beans, milk chocolate foil eggs (My fave) & 3 beautifully decorated eggs in different flavors; vanilla, orange & chocolate butter (how deliciously perfect does that combo sound??! Hehe). It’s such a great gift idea or perhaps to bring to someones home you may be at for the holidays, at only $13, it’s the perfect way to let someone you love know they appreciate you. It was lovely to enjoy this box with my friend, Helen, whom I had not seen in nearly 2 years! The other gorgeous gold box features their dark truffle assortments….I have not opened that one yet;)

This box features some flavors I have not ever tried; key lime being the most of interest when it’s busted open;) I am so impressed with See’s as I had no idea how conscious they are of those of us with allergy concerns; they have candies that are egg free, soy free & gluten-free (yay!) for their list in PDF form, click here to learn more.

See’s also had a great fundraising program; whether you’re a small group or a large business, See’s is there for any fundraising events you may have coming up. They offer gift certificates, as well as all their famous candies. I must admit, I didn’t know about their program till now! It would even be great to represent your blog when raising money for any great cause close to you & your blogs heart. Check out their web-site all about it!

I have grown up enjoying the deliciousness that is See’s, so its wonderful to learn that they are aware of their customers diverse health needs as well as helping out any awesome charity you support. I hope you will consider them this coming Easter, too!:)

(*Disclaimer: I was provided with complimentary boxes of See’s Chocolates to enjoy. All opinions are my own & their candy is one of the best!)

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3 Responses to See’s Candies is Perfect for Easter and Fundraising, too!

  1. Hands down, my favorite chocolates. Aside from a fund raising opportunity, I boxes of See’s away all the time as gifts. Now I’ll have to go get some (just for me… hee, hee).

  2. This is awesome! We used to love the3m in SF, so it’s good to know they are here too! Chocolate Easter bunnies are good for kids, but See’s is Easter candy for all of us!

  3. I know! Ghirardelli and Sees are my weakness;)

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