Some (current) Favorite Things…

I have been a tired recluse for about a week now. I’ve been enjoying simply doing only what I need to then resort home to take it easy & watch movies or get work done. I often get like this, then usually (hopefully?!) I bounce back to social Mary. In the meantime, I must say I am loving that its spring, the nights are getting lighter & it smells like heaven as I walk down my street, all the flowers are blooming & the bees are buzzing….do we still have the dilemma of a bee shortage? I hope not, cuz I have encountered 3 trying to make friends with me in just afew days. I have also been playing catch up a bit on my QT with my laptop & reading blogs, networking, you know, living the bloggers life 🙂

Speaking of bees, I have been listening alot to Tori Amos’ 2005 album, The Beekeeper while I write & blog. A classic trait of a Tori fan is discovering a song that had been there for years, but then something can occur when they finally can relate to a song of hers….right now for me, it has been the final Beekeeper track, Toast. A send off to her brother, who passed away in 2004, it goes, “I raise a glass make a toast A toast in your honor I hear you laugh and beg me not to dance ’cause on your right standing by is Mr. Bojangles With a toast he’s telling me it’s time to raise a glass With a toast he’s telling me it’s time To let you go Let you go.” This is making me think of, & miss, my dear friend, Lauren, who left us so unexpectedly nearly 2 months ago. Whats even crazier is, the day I met her & her Mom at a Tori concert, she played Toast that evening. Between you & me, I was a little disappointed she did, cuz I just did not care for the song then. Now, the lyrics hit so close to home for me & I remember my few times with Lauren, & our countless emails & giggles.


There’s no easy ways to change from the topic of death, but I know Lauren would find this 003switch amusing….because, well, next, I want to tell you about one of my new favorite snacks! At Expo West, I was treated to a jar of Don’t Go Nuts Organic Chocolate Soy Butter…perfect for those allergic to nuts, or chocolate lovers, or anyone, really, this delicious alternative even rivals Nutella for me. I have been loving it on my Udi’s Gluten Free Bread…or, even just straight from the jar 😉




Another goody from the Expo getting much use from me is The Orange Owl’s Sun Shower Body Scrub. I am an absolute girly girl when it comes to bath products & while I am not picky, it’s always great when I can choose an all-natural option over those filled with alcohol, chemicals…bleh & I am loving Sun Shower’s aroma of mint, citrus & patchouli. Using grapefruit sed extract as a preservative & tangerine as an essential oil, this vegan scrub truly leaves mey skin feeling rejuvenated. I will be purchasing this when I run out!

I have been hitting up the Netflix, too. I just watched & loved Craigslist Joe; am thinking of writing a post about the documentary, did you see it? As I mentioned in an older post, I really like Detachment, which I decided to watch again. The acting is superb & I think it really shows how kids are led to feeling so detached to life. Good stuff! 🙂

I have found some bargains recently, too. With summer nearly here & my anticipation for fun events, I always love to have a casual yet fun dress at the ready….& couldn’t resist this one when I saw it! It’s from a favorite chain store that’s, er, right on the bullseye with prices! 😉 What do you think?! Then over at a crafts shop, I found this sweet votive holder below that I thought would be perfect for a pen holder…for those who know me, yes….this is my definition of getting crafty, people! Anything blue I usually love, though & it matched my desk a little, too.

004I also am really loving & appreciating all the replies to my posts. I am nearly at my one year mark & absolutely love being a blogger. Sharing my thoughts, rants, raves, things I am loving & know you’re out there makes it all more the worthwhile 🙂 The friends I have made is something I cherish, too. Don’t forget to enter my super cool giveaway & what are you loving these days? Books, music, clothes? Anything, tell me! xo



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4 Responses to Some (current) Favorite Things…

  1. I love posts like these! That dress is so adorable! So many things in my closet are from that same place:) Chocolate soy butter sounds amazing too! These days I am loving seeing the tree full of fresh green leaves outside our bedroom window, fresh ground cardamom, and Mad Men season 5 on Netflix!:)

  2. Love the dress. Did you buy it? I’ll have to be on the lookout for Chocolate Soy Butter. I have never really tried it. 🙂

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