The LA Times Festival of Books…and New Poem for Poetry Monday!

Its Monday already?! I had a really great weekend….photographing a dress rehearsal, hanging out a bit in Downtown Long Beach for The Toyota Grand Prix, The Bloggy Boot Camp & of course…one of my favorite events in SoCal went down for its 18th time, The 158Festival of Books presented by The Los Angeles Times. Last year was amazing as I set out to see Julie Andrews & Betty White. This year, I decided to not map out a schedule quite as much & just roam & chat with fellow bookies…here are some shots I got….

142C-SPAN was on hand to interview some of the speakers…my parents were even able to see me wave to them on TV 😉

149A Gluten Free basket of goodies at the Trader Joes book tent!!! It made me really feel like their mac ‘n cheese….

159It’s not just all about BOOKS at this fair. You could also relax at several stage stops & hear pop (above), mariachi, rock & experimental at the USC stage & as always, my favorite stage is The Children’s Stage (below) presented by Target!

171168If you haven’t been able to tell yet…I am a kid at heart! 😉 Here is their cool Reading Garden!

161On the lower left-hand, I wrote “Tori Amos”, can you see?

181Awesome Downtown view from the parking structure…..

I also was searching some for Facebook’s aimed at National Poetry Month & I came across this fun challenge….even though I am a little late to the party, wouldn’t it be fun to write a poem a day?! I dare you! Heres one I wrote quite a long time ago…..

Untitled, by Mary Lansing

He moves on and gravitates to all in the other world

Leaving behind someone who could be the only loner

Who ever gave a damn

But he is just too blind to see truth behind pure eyes

And rather would go to the safe clingers

In his cold circle all while deciding on the cruel path

For those who don’t apologize for the true heart

Within their bleeding souls.

(What do you think? xo)

About Along Comes Mary

Book Worm, Internet Nerd, Blogger, Daughter, Friend, Caffeine Addict, Non Smoker who sometimes smokes, Lover, Fighter, Ear with Feet, In Search of Bunbury, Gluten Free Pescatarian. Enough about me, what about YOU?;-)
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3 Responses to The LA Times Festival of Books…and New Poem for Poetry Monday!

  1. Love a good book fair and that one sounds amazing. All in all you had a GREAT week-end. I also enjoyed your poem. 🙂

  2. Cool! We didn’t make it this year, but I hope we can next year–so cool! I totally found your “Tori Amos” too:) I really liked your poem–especially those last two lines!

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