Lifestyle Blogger Conference….Part 2. #LALLBlog13

Continuing on from my part 1 entry of the amazing Lifestyle Blogger Conference….which was already a week ago today (Really?!). I hope you’re enjoying this small glimpse into the terrific 2 days šŸ™‚

Sara & Maria came to discuss Mitu. An on-line channel I was unaware of. Mitu is one of the most successful YouTube channels out there featuring vlogs & offering their network & services to you. Filming/editing is a passion I know I have yet haven’t quite been able to explore a lot quite yet, but a long-term goal is definitely more vlogging myself, so they wowed me with all their insight. If you’re looking to turn your blog into a vlog, they suggest that you keep the topics similar..if you blog about food, keep it about food. It’s also vital that you’re posting a video at-least once a week. If you cannot commit, vlogging may not be for you.

Sales Exec Lisa Rocha, PR/SM Manager AJ Feuerman & PR for Cover Girl Jose Resendez had much to say in regards to working with brands & agencies. As simple as a lot of their advice seemed, apparently there are many out there looking to take blogging seriously yet still cannot manage to have an easy to locateĀ email address on their web-site…or, get this, say THANK YOU. I can relate to the struggles they also mentioned with contact forms; I find them annoying as most do, too & Jose finds that many ignore replying to emails sent via form. Me, too. Following up quickly is important to Lisa & if AJ is able to help you with free tickets or product, don’t expect to get a paycheck, too. While I understand the difficulty of being paid if you’re receiving something of good value, AJ reminded me of another task added into a paycheck: Payroll. Much goes into companies hang to get you money. Another pet peeve of AJ’s? If you’re going to host a giveaway via Rafflecopter on your site, be fair with the entries! Don’t offer 10 extra entries if you follow the companies twitter, yet 30 entries for liking your Facebook page.

When Ana Lydia introduced the amazing, diverse, ballsy panel of The Ethics of Blogging…she had a disclosre for us. Letting us know that the 3ladies we were about to learn from, On-line strategist Chris Lam, NY Times Best Selling Author Blogger, Stephanie O’Dey & Blogger Expert/Life Coach, Lee Reyes-Fournier are a strong trio not afraid to speak their mind. I had the pleasure of sitting with Lee & her husband, Paul, last weekend at the SITS Bloggy Boot Camp. I immediatley could see that Lee was someone with a kind heart, not afraid to say what is right from wrong & has a desire to help people. These 3 had me nearly rolling on the ground with laughter while they taught so much on how to carry yourslf on-line. This is a topic that some of you know is very dear to me & I am always looking to make myself a better person & remember that although there is a screen between me & someone, that talking on-line is still a form of communication & you’re able to hurt someone with your words.

And, how exciting is it to say #LALLBlog14 is already set to go?

(Photos courtesy of LALLBlog13 Facebook)

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4 Responses to Lifestyle Blogger Conference….Part 2. #LALLBlog13

  1. That is really good stuff. You must have been on overload when the conference ended. šŸ™‚

  2. Mary,

    What a wonderful time you must have had. I am looking forward to attending a conference when there is one in my area. I have not done much research or work with vlogs but it is something I want to be able to offer my clients.

    • Definitely check out Mitu! If you would like the ladies contact info, let me know. They were wonderful & very open to helping those interested. As you know, my laptop is s&*?ty but I hope to upload more vlogs with the new laptop.

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