Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry, #PreOrderSpecial & #Giveaway!

Amst_Paleo Cooking from Elanas Pantry

Entries for this giveaway are now closed. Congrats to the awesome winner, Chris Lam! Remember to order Paleo Cooking for great healthy recipes! 🙂

The forthcoming book, Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry: Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy Free Recipes is filled with easy, not to mention delicious recipes from Celiac chef & Author, Elana Amsterdam (her Gluten Free Cupcakes book is da bomb…just saying!).

I have been researching the Paleo diet lately &  happy to learn a lot of it is similar to what I eat, just way healthier. Paleo is mostly gluten, grain & dairy free with an emphasis on proteins like fish & lots of veggies & fruits….I have tried it a little on my own but know with a book like Elana’s, it will be much easier to stay on track.

The book will go on sale June 18th, but how would you like to order it NOW & not only be one of the first to receive it, but also save over 20%?! The pre-sale is available by clicking here & I also have a FREE copy for one lucky reader! 🙂 To enter, simply tell me in the comments why you would like to try the Paleo way of eating, & for additional entries,  simply LIKE Facebook Elana’s page as well as Along Comes Mary’s page then let me know. Enter by June 15th. For rules, please check out my Sweepstakes page above.

Heres a sneak peek at one of my favorite recipes so far….

Flourless Nut-Free Brownies PCEP Flourless Nut-Free Brownies image p 116

Makes 16 brownies

Sweetness: High

1 cup dark chocolate chips
1/4 cup Spectrum all-vegetable shortening
1 cup coconut sugar
4 large eggs
1 tablespoon vanilla extract

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Grease an 8-inch square baking dish with shortening.
In a medium saucepan over very low heat, melt the chocolate chips until smooth.
Remove the pan from the heat, then mix in the shortening and coconut sugar.
Stir in the eggs and vanilla extract until thoroughly combined.
Pour the batter into the prepared baking dish.

Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into the center of the brownies comes out with just a few moist crumbs attached.

Let the brownies cool in the baking dish for 1 hour. Cut into 16 squares and serve.

Enjoy! xo

(Disclosure: Reprinted with permission from Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry: Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes by Elana Amsterdam (Ten Speed Press, 2013). Photo Credit: Leigh Beisch. I have received an advance, review copy of the book per my post.)

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37 Responses to Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry, #PreOrderSpecial & #Giveaway!

  1. Carolyn West says:

    I did Paleo about a year ago and loved it. For some reason, I strayed far away and I need to get myself back on the program. This cookbook would be a great way to start.

  2. Carolyn West says:

    I “Liked” Elana’s Pantry on Facebook.

  3. Carolyn West says:

    I “Loved” Along Comes Mary on Facebook. 🙂

  4. I haven’t looked into paleo cooking yet. This could be a good primer.

  5. I am not familiar with this type of cooking. This book would be a good introduction. 🙂

  6. Paleo sounds like an interesting way of cooking/eating, and The Wife is allergic to everything. This cookbook seems to be a good primer. TY!

  7. Liked your FB page. 🙂

  8. Katie K says:

    I think I already mostly eat Paleo, so this would help me continue on my path to healthy eating

  9. Barb K says:

    Have to admit I have not tried this way of eating. This cookbook will help me get started in the right direction.

  10. Barb K says:

    I Liked Elana’s Pantry On Face Book. Under LeeAnn Perry.

  11. Barb K says:

    I Liked Along Comes Mary On Face Book. Under LeeAnn Perry.

  12. vetsmomrgv says:

    We love our meat!

  13. vetsmomrgv says:

    I liked both pages 🙂

  14. Melanie says:

    I have one paleo cookbook and love it! I’d definitely like to add another to my collection.

  15. Melanie says:

    I like Along Comes Mary on Facebook.

  16. Tamar says:

    I am trying to diet and get more serious about my weight and my overall energy level. I’d love to see if Paleo works for me.

  17. LOVE this recipe. :-). I also love cookbook of any kind…LOL. It would be fun to show case a recipe from the book. As you know I have already like your page. 🙂

  18. I have heard this is good for women with PCOS…so I’d love to try it! I just heard about this the other day, so it’s all very new to me.

  19. I’ve been interested in learning more about Paleo – love how you explained it. Thank you!

  20. Kylie C says:

    My mother is Paleo and I would love to learn more about what I can make when she comes over and more about the lifestyle in general.

  21. Amy Tolley says:

    i wouldlove to win this because i love to try new recipes for my family and this looks fresh and new thanks

  22. Gigi says:

    My friend and co-worker has been talking about Paleo for weeks. I am overhauling my lifestyle choices and my diet sucks, so it’s time to quit screwing around. I’ve had the ulcer, now I found out I am gluten sensitive, so I need to keep going in a new direction. This cookbook and the recipes mentioned sound great. I am espicially curious about the Ginger Cilantro shake. Thank you for the chance to win.

  23. april says:

    I have been phasing into the paleo lifestyle and I feel much better when I follow it. I plan to continue on this journey as well as getting my family on board. I love Elena’s recipes from her blog and would love to have her cookbook. It would be nice to have a book to open up instead of searching the computer for recipes.

  24. april says:

    I like Elena’s on facebook.

  25. april says:

    I like Along Comes Mary on facebook.

  26. David says:

    I have Crohn’s disease and I am looking for food that I can actually eat that still tastes good.

  27. teresastips says:

    I am partially paleo to help out my son who has multiple food intolerances, including gluten.

  28. teresastips says:

    I like Elana’s Pantry on Facebook.

  29. teresastips says:

    I am following you on facebook.

  30. Kristy says:

    I am researching ways to alleviate symptom’s of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I brew my own Kombucha tea and I have been reading Sebastien Noel. His writing has so much wonderful information! I see that I must be on a ultra-lo-carb Paleo diet to make myself well. I also subscribe to Elana’s feed.

  31. Holly says:

    I’d like to try pale for the simple fact that it appears to be really healthy. Would love to win the cookbook to get started. Looks like some really great recipes.

  32. deana c says:

    I would like to try Paleo cooking because I am trying to stay away from gluten products

  33. Christine says:

    interested in learning more about Paleo

  34. Melanie says:

    I’m trying to figure out the healthiest way for me to eat, so I would really love to learn more about paleo and this cookbook would be great.

  35. Jovan B. says:

    Because I want to eat healthy.

  36. I’ve been trying to eat less gluten, so this would be perfect!


  37. Alicia says:

    I need to go Paleo for health reasons but don’t know much about it, would love to try some recipes from this cookbook to get familiar 🙂

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