10 Things I Have Learned with my Dog (so far…)

DSCF73271) I rarely use my bed anymore. If he’s more comfortable below the couch listening to the TV, falling asleep to Law & Order: SVU it is.

2) I suddenly need to be SOCIAL when I go for a walk. Everybody wants to coochie-coo with him, play with him, even invite him over for a play date, & sometimes, I just wanna get him in & out without a happy hour of chats.

3) There seems to be some kind of ‘code’ that dog owners help one another….I was at the beach with Hammond & didn’t have his water on me, when a couple offered me a bottle, followed by another group who lent me their bowl….good doggy karma!

4) But, on that note…owners of big dogs: Would you please ask before letting your 75 pound monster attack my lil 20 pound angel? I know you say “He just wants to say hi!” but, Hammy is afraid your great dane is going to sit on him.

5) It was inevitable. The cute surfer guy on my block finally said hello to me….while I am in the middle of picking up after Hammy….with no mascara on….

6) If he’s playing with one toy hot dog, then I add in another similar toy across the room, the double take is priceless when he discovers there are two! 😉

7) My car has become a mini cleaning supply store….paper towels, soap, baby wipes, dis-infect wipes, trash bags, waters, food bowls, bath towels…. (Thank you, Dollar Store)

8) For the first time ever, I used my cars DVD player in hopes he may like a car ride better…even double Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap didn’t make for a smoother ride! (I know how to use that player now, though…)

9) He sleeps upside down often, & it’s truly the cutest thing ever when awakes & his ears are inside out.

10) Hammond is reminding me that it’s the little things that count in life….I love my dog. Thanks for finding me, buddy….


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9 Responses to 10 Things I Have Learned with my Dog (so far…)

  1. susank456 says:

    Dog ownership opens up a whole new world. I may not know my neighbors names, but I know all of the dogs names and speak to them everyday. Good luck with your new baby, he’s a cutie!

  2. Aw, this is so sweet and hilarious! Maybe the surfer dude has a dog too…and you can go on walks together;) So glad you found Hammy!

  3. I love this, he is just so darn cute. A pet is truly a gift form heaven. They teach us so much and are so patient with us. My poor cat used to travel in the car with me but has development carsickness and even though he endures it, it is just way to hard on him. So now he doesn’t come with me when I visit SoCal… sigh!

    • Oh, no! Wonder what it is? Whats hard with Hammy is, just when I think hes doing ok, an accident occurs. I am slowly trusting him with the window down enough for him to stick his head out, he seems to love the wind! Whats your cats name? 🙂

  4. My puppy is a golden lab weighing in at about 96 lbs. he loves to play with my parents shiatsu even when he towers over it.

  5. Ann says:

    I couldn’t imagine my life without my dog (or at least a cat); they make it feel like home!

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