Me Love Me at The Hollywood Fringe Festival

Previews have kicked off with a vengeance at The Hollywood Fringe Festival & I truly do not know where to start at planning my schedule of plays to check out. I did, however, see my first of (hopefully) many last week: The dark comedy/tragedy, Me Love Me, written with perfection by Brandon Baruch & his cast.

It’s always so interesting to meet the masterminds behind such work, like Brandon, whom I have noticed is always be smiling & very kind. We see many different layers, mostly dark, in Me Love Me, about a couple, Tuck & Gemma, who we’re introduced to on the eve of their 7th anniversary together. Living the very typical Hollywood life: Actors forced to do day jobs. While Tuck has the Peter Pan syndrome going on & been mostly getting high on cocaine & pot since quitting Starbucks, Gemma, who has some pretty severe addictions herself, is the solo bread-winner employed at a hotel.

After a serious day of booze & drugs, theres a knock at the door for Tuck: It is his clone. At first, you’re thinking this must be a dream he is tripping on, it is perhaps Tuck’s real life. Naming this clone of his, Cluck, the boys embark on a dangerous adventure of drugs, alcohol…even sex. That is all I will say!

When Gemma discovers all of this, she is left to pick up the pieces & load up on more Xanax as she tries to come to terms with kicking out her boyfriend who claims he has fallen in-love with himself. Literally.

Me Love Me is a really brilliant dramady piece that can make you wonder: What would happen if I met myself? It just may open your eyes to think about being a better example to yourself, in-case you need to put your best impression forward if YOU knock on the door.

The play is on through the month of June, for tickets & more info, click here. Please be advised: This is a very adult play with mature themes.

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3 Responses to Me Love Me at The Hollywood Fringe Festival

  1. I am pretty sure that if I met myself we would try and take over the world.

  2. I think I would scare myself to death or I would love me to bits. It certainly is and interesting thought, huh.

  3. Zoren says:

    Awesome and funny!

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