Moving Day….

After a long search process since earlier this year, I’m finally moving from Long Beach.

Did you know that is where I have lived since I moved out on my own for the first time, from my parents up on The Central Coast? Yep. For 3 and a half years, almost exactly, I have been in “The LBC”, about 45 minutes from LA. Now, I will be returning to the first town I ever lived in, Pasadena! You know The Tournament of Roses Parade, I hope?? Well, that’s Pasadena. Right outside of Downtown LA, Glendale & Burbank.

I have to say, I am really excited for this change, hopefully a new chapter in my life. But, of course its a little bittersweet, & I have been thinking of so much, like….

Being on my own for the first time. I was scared, hopeful, excited. I got a Disneyland pass. I drove on the Orange County & LA freeways. I had a boy over all by myself. I cooked experimental dinners, all just for me. I blasted music as loud as I wished. I had to learn laundry didn’t get done on its own, nor that the coffee pot is on & warm each morning. I discovered what happens when no one else takes the trash out (It just stays there). Or that late fees add up when it is up to you to pay that phone bill. All first time events for me.

Long Beach has been good to me, but I admit, I am not going to be pining for it. I will visit, for sure. My Grandma (& basically, parents, nowadays) are here. As well as loads of people I know & of course, my friends. I will miss having my “usual” spots, like my market, pharmacy, dogs Hammy & I know on our walks. All of that will be NEW.

And, speaking of Hammy….I have had a lot of cool things happen to me while in Long Beach….the kinds of things you say if someone had told you that this would occur, you would reply, “Yeah, right!” Finding my dog like I did, definitely not in mind. Making friends with a film maker neighbor who has me play a stripper overnight for 10 days in our neighborhood, never. Going to New York twice–I was afraid of subways before that. Attending concerts like The Smashing Pumpkins & nearly breaking my arm in the pit, nah, I thought nothing cool ever would happen to me, stupid little Mary stuck at her parents. Being strong when I wanted to crumble? Hell, yes. And I say, keep bringing it ALL on.

I love change. I like the idea of being somewhere new…I already am wanting to think totally new me for the fresh apartment….décor has already been ordered from Urban Outfitters & things I never have used are emerging from the closet 😉

So….yes, change is good. Change is just what the Dr. ordered. One little drawback: The new studio is really just that…a studio…aka: very tiny. Have you ever lived in a very small space? How did you decorate it?

(Picture above: My 1st New Years Eve, on the pier.)

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12 Responses to Moving Day….

  1. Congratulations! I’m very close to Pasadena. More Mary!

  2. Anne Pelczar says:

    Aw, so glad you like change. I personally HATE change! I am facing a move, too, and I am absolutely NOT looking forward to it! haha. Except for the decorating. I do like the decorating. 🙂 Have fun out there in beautiful Pasadena. And visit every so often for a Portfolio’s coffee!

  3. I am so excited for you, for all the obvious reasons, and then some. I loved having all those new experiences when I had my own place for the first time in Berkeley. One day I found myself nonchalantly driving over the bridge, and I thought, huh, this is a pretty great life. I loved making meals and planting seeds and covering the walls with all my ephemera. Beautiful, beautiful post. Can’t wait to see you soon!

  4. Ann says:

    Hope you love the new place. My first condo was a small studio too; I think there are tons of great storage solutions out there just because there are so many smaller apartments and homes nowadays. Can’t wait to see how you decorate the place.

  5. I remember moving into my first place. I went through all the same emotions you did. Congratulations on your move. I’m sure there are so many adventures waiting for you. 🙂

  6. Ttrockwood says:

    Moving is soooo exciting! And stressful, hard, expensive and exhausting…..
    I live in a studio in nyc and have found that creating a division between the “bedroom” and the rest of the space is helpful so you don’t feel like you live in your bedroom. A tall bookshelf, semi sheer curtain etc can do that. Oraganization is key – and so is downsizing. Throw out anything you don’t use weekly or haven’t worn in a year. Ikea has some great small space storage solutions and closet shelving

  7. Yay! Change is good, and you’ve always had a fondness for Pasadena. It’s a good thing. Hope to visit you sometime in your new digs =)

  8. Carolyn West says:

    I envy you. I remember when I first moved out to California (25 years ago) and everything was new and exciting. I wish I could do that again… just pick up and move to some strange place. Unfortunately, with a family, those changes aren’t easy.

  9. Jeri Walker-Bickett (@JeriWB) says:

    I just got done with a cross country move, so I envy your shorter move 😉 I remember how excited I was when I moved into my first house. I painted every room a different color. The only downside was needing to cover-up all those crazy colors with white when it came time to move out.

  10. Linda says:

    You have many more experiences coming…probably none as exciting as ‘stripper ho’… Cheers to you and your new chapter Mary!

  11. Hi! We have one more show on July 24th at 8. Ho

    Let me know if you want a seat!

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