Enter to WIN an Evening at The Disney Concert Hall to see The iPalpiti Grand Finale!

I attended an event at LA’s Walt Disney Concert Hall afew years back & was absolutely mesmerized, I have wanted to return ever since. Imagine my excitement when the opportunity came along to work with the iPalpiti Orchestra….

Now, if you’re like me, you may be thinking, the what orchestra? I was unfamiliar with them, but The iPalpiti has been called the “United Nations of Music” & rightly so. They’re dedicated to advancing the artistic career of musically gifted youth from all around the world, while also promoting peace & understanding through music. They’re holding 20 concerts this month throughout LA with the grand finale happening at The Disney Hall July 27th at 8pm. This is a humble group, I have been told, so can you imagine how excited these kids, coming from parts of the world as vast as Azerbaijan & Norway, must be to pull out all the stops at this 2200 seat venue?! They are going from performances as intimate as this below….


To a grand finale here…..


They will be performing the likes of Verdi, Bach & Tchaikovsky. You can learn more, as well as get their complete performance schedule at their web-site by clicking here. AND how would you like to attend this grand finale for free?! They have been so kind to me & are offering a pair of tickets to one of my readers. Simply visit their web-site & share the link on Facebook, Twitter or both. Then, leave me a comment telling me you did so. The performance is July 27th. Please enter by July 25th. Don’t forget to check out my Sweepstakes Rules tab. Thanks and good luck! 🙂 xo

(*Disclosure: I am being given tickets to attend this grand finale courtesy of the iPalpiti.)

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12 Responses to Enter to WIN an Evening at The Disney Concert Hall to see The iPalpiti Grand Finale!

  1. MizMeliz says:

    I liked the Facebook page and I tweeted, thanks! Peace and understanding through classical music . . . check out @iPalpiti http://www.ipalpiti.org/

  2. Wow, this sounds really lovely. https://twitter.com/Alexandrafunfit/status/357222599291437057. I’m in Santa Barbara, and it definitely sounds worth a drive down. How magical.

  3. This is why I wish I lived in So Cal. I would love a chance to see this amazing concert. Alas I am in Northern California so I can not enter but I loved your post and have fun to the winner.

  4. Kristina Wilson says:

    I shared the link on twitter here: https://twitter.com/RagdollKitty87/status/357747541279903745 My boyfriend and I love going on dates to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Would love to surprise him.

  5. kimquyen says:

    Shared on my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/kimquyen888
    & Twitter: @ladyboss888

  6. Elena says:

    shared on twitter:

  7. Sheryl Z. says:

    I would enjoy seeing ipalpiti!! 🙂

  8. Sheryl Z. says:

    I would enjoy seeing ipalpiti!! Yes, I posted on Facebook as requested! 🙂

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