5 Reasons to Visit Burke Williams Day Spa….


(Disclosure: I was invited to Burke Williams for a facial in exchange for a feature.)

Burke Williams have been the spas of all spas for nearly 20 years now, & after my marvelous visit to their Pasadena location, I can see why. Here are just afew of the reasons I cannot recommend their services enough!

1) The ease of checking in.

I am a very, very punctual person, so when I felt I was running later than I wanted, I was concerned about showing up so close to my appointment time. Luckily, I was greeted with big smiles from Rebecca, (one of the Managers) & the boys at the front desk. They immediately made me feel comfortable despite my anxiousness, & you simply give your name, sign a paper or 2 & are good to go.

2) The Amenities.

Simply walking into the spa, before your services even begin, you feel like you’ve entered a sanctuary. Theres a lounge room, where you can sit & begin unwinding prior to your treatments with a book or some fruit. A  jacuzzi, which felt amazing after my facial; I don’t know about you, but I always have a feeling of, “No! Don’t stop! My time can’t be up!” when I get a massage or relaxation treatment, with all the relief & tension erased from you during a session, you strive to make it last til next time. The jacuzzi was perfect for this, as well as The Quiet Room…especially for us in the cities 😉


3) Their H2V products

I received their anti aging facial & got to learn all about their own line used for their treatments: H2V. The wonderful Lucy began by preparing my face with Complete gel cleanser & Prepare toner & finished it up with their famous Buff exfoliant. Really, it must be famous as Lucy recommended I exfoliate more (I hardly ever have…shhh) & when I inquired about buying Buff, they were all out, telling me they cannot keep it in-house fast enough! I look forward to returning to get my own. Lucy also decided to do a Vitamin C peel, which I definitely felt working. It was very tingly, but I truly could feel it working.


4) You gotta love the extras

My last facial at a small spa was very basic; a treatment for your face & pores. I have to admit how much I enjoyed the hand massage & dip that remained on for the entire 50 minutes, as well as the mini foot massage & Lucy did include the pore extractions…which sounded a little intimidating, but it was not bad at all. I really can see where she worked on, as my face looks so rejuvenated & fresh!


5) You don’t have to leave when your spa session ends…

Like I mentioned with the amenities, Burke Williams literally have made their spa suitable to spend the afternoon. After the facial & some jacuzzi time, I hit the shower & even that felt serene. Their shampoo & conditioner provided smelled great, & each vanity table comes with an array of hair care products, a hair dryer, hair brushes & curling iron.

As well as their signature facials & skin care, they also offer: Massages, Chiropractic care, Waxing, Nail care, Spa baths and, in my opinion, one of their best treatments is “A Day at the Spa” which includes an abundance of their best services, like a sugar glo enhancement, massage, mani/pedi…..even lunch! It’s the perfect answer to those seeking a quick vacation from the real world.

DSCF5507                        (Looking down the side street in Pasadena the spa is located at)

To book your own day of pampering, whether you’re in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Francisco, check out their web-site
. If you are in need of a gift, you can currently get your OWN gift card for free when you purchase one, learn more here!

A huge thank you to Burke Williams for this fabulous day!

(Disclosure: I was invited to Burke Williams for a facial in exchange for a feature.)

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4 Responses to 5 Reasons to Visit Burke Williams Day Spa….

  1. I believe that everyone needs to experience a spa day. They are so relaxing and rejuvenating. I will have to check this spa out. 🙂

  2. I’ve never been to a spa or had a facial.But, I am definitely ready to try it. I have always heard of Burke Williams and they will probably be the first spa I do try.

  3. beverlydiehl says:

    I love me my Burke WIlliams! I usually go to the one down the street from me in Sherman Oaks – gorgeous – but I’ve been at the one in Pasadena too, it is fabulous. I never thought I was a “day spa” kind of woman, but one of my clients gifted me a spa facial one year and I was HOOKED. It feels so good.

    ALL treatments (that I’ve had so far): facial, different massages, spa pedicure, Savannah’s Surrender have been WONDERFUL, and I love relaxing in the jacuzzi beforehand.

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