The Urban Desert Cabaret in Hollywood….

Since my move to Pasadena, I am absolutely loving being closer to LA. Most notably, Hollywood, especially when the chance for a last-minute outing happens. My dear friend, Melissa, has always invited me to her cousins Urban Desert Cabaret that happens bi-monthly at Hollywood’s famous Pig and Whistle in their back room.

Walking into this legendary restaurant where the likes of Shirley Temple & Cary Grant would frequent back in the 1920s & 30s, you would not think that if you go beyond their jukebox that you would stumble into an intimate environment where a parade of amazing artists, musicians & poets gather on a small stage to create something inspiring.

Yet, that’s just what they are doing!

Musician, Joe City Garcia has created this series & this month he was pleased to welcome such a great, eclectic bunch….there was folk singer (& composer of the 1960s song, Windy), Ruthann Friedman Carlisle, who sang a fantastic set that included a clever song I loved about her life, from being young & running with bad boys, to trying to break into the music industry, then we were introduced to The Broken English Poet, who was hilarious as he told jokes & rants on the government….like, if they bug his phone, they get to hear his pizza order! 😉

Next up was another brilliant musician, Billy Gill, who brought to mind Jeff Buckley with his emotional voice & confessional lyrics. He was followed by poet, Deep Red, who truly inspired & moved me as he combined his passion for yoga with his performance by using words & terms from the way of life. He left us with much to ponder.

 When Joe introduced Helene Renaut, mentioning her Nico comparisons, I knew I would love her as I am a big fan of Chelsea Girls & Nicos haunting vocals. Helene definitely did bring her to mind with moody, honest songs like Bumblebee. After Helene, John Martinez proved never judge a book by its cover! Mid way through the evening, a gentleman in a business suit joined the audience & I would not have thought he would be there to recite some beautiful poetry. Writing since he was young, his words were powerful, especially on the disturbing, Cynthia Was Here, about the brutal troubles going on in Juarez.

I had such a fabulous evening, & I hope you will join me at the next event! All photos were taken by MizMeliz (Melissa Reyes) & please check out here post the cabaret here. xo

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4 Responses to The Urban Desert Cabaret in Hollywood….

  1. chris says:

    Nice review of the show! I’ll have to check it out sometime. Welcome back to LA proper!

  2. How awesome! It must have been so haunting hearing someone similar to Jeff Buckley. I love him and wish so much that he were still around to serenade us.

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