My Favorite Book from This Summer!

And, the author’s name IS Summer, too! 😉 With the holidays getting nearer, I am starting to think of some GIFTS! I plan to give those close to me. While I know some people frown a bit upon the paperback gift, I absolutely love to get a great book, & I can already think of a few people I know would appreciate Lost and Profound. Special thanks to Summer Felix herself for emailing me a copy for this feature!

Rebecca Trovatelli thought for sure she’d be in a better place when she reached her 30s. Yet here it is, her 33rd birthday, and she is only doing well at one thing: waiting. Waiting for her career to finally go in the direction she wants. Waiting for her children to finally listen to her. Waiting for the love of her life to realize he’s ready to commit.

In Author Summer Felix’s great new read, that I have been loving the past month, Lost and Profound, we follow Rebecca as she searches for what she’s looking for, or what she thinks she is in search of. The perfect relationship. The perfect job. The perfect family. While I do not have children, I can definitely relate to Rebecca as far as dating & hoping for that great exclusive connection, & just feeling like she BELONGS in the world, where everyone around her seems to have it all going for them. As a gal with my birthday coming up, & the big age of 30 inching closer, this was a perfect summer read for me, yet no matter where you are going or at in your life, I think Lost and Profound would be perfect for you, too….


                                                    (The Author, Summer Felix….)

As a writer myself (duh!), I am really inspired by Summer’s story, here are a few highlights from her bio you can read on her web-site:

“Up until 1985, Summer was a tomboy. If you tried to put her in tights and patent leather, she would give you the silent treatment for an entire day until you redressed her in LA Gears, Adidas shorts and a tank top. No ribbons, please. No pigtails.

We should just skip right over the 80’s in general. An old family photo album would speak for itself. She tried. But, only Madonna could pull off that look.

Then, there was college. Religion classes, raspberry smoothies, Malibu bluffs and always the designated driver. After seeing ‘what’s her name’ naked and puking in the trees she knew her untested tolerance should remain untried.

Most of her poetry, screenwriting and short story writing in college demonstrated a shared theme. We won’t mention names. But what 19-year-old doesn’t fall in love with long blond, shimmery abs and a guitar?”


Summer’s other book,  The Right One, which The  View co-host, Jenny McCarthy, whom I just love, says its, “For anyone who’s ever been married, had kids, got divorced and freaked out about her thighs hitting the scene again”,  is also available & I plan to make it my next read.

I hope you will check out Lost and Profound on Summer’s web-site & with the summertime coming to a close, were there any great reads you couldn’t pull away from? I would love to know! xo

(*Disclosure: I received an e-copy of Lost & Profound for review purposes. All opinions are my own & I really loved this story.)



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