The Good Luck Bar in Los Feliz!

One of my favorite neighborhoods in LA is definitely Los Feliz; this is where you will find The Griffith Park, as well as their Observatory & Greek Theatre (where I had a blast last week seeing Carly Rae Jepsen), as well as some of the funnest bars & one of my favorite all night diners….Fred 62, where you may be lucky to see Hurley from Lost, Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince, or if you’re super cool & fortunate, Marilyn Manson. I have seen all but the latter, only hearing of rumors that Manson loves their hotcakes.

The other night, the chance came up for me to visit a bar in Los Feliz I had heard of, yet not visited…The Good Luck Bar.

Prior to going, I thought the name was a little humorous, but, after spending a few hours in there & enjoying some of their heavily rum influenced concoctions, I now think know why this is The Good Luck Bar….they are wishing you LUCK with their mighty strong drinks! 😉

I entered thinking I would order one of my usual’s, a Margarita or Tequila Sunrise. Little did I know they have awesome house specialties. Me & my date (woooooo, yes, I think it was a date, & he was cute….) started out each ordering the same thing, their Potent Potion, which my friend had said to have enjoyed before. A delicious tropical, fruity blend of Sailor Jerry’s Dark Rum, Pineapple juice & other fruity flavors. They served it in a faux coconut cup & I drank it up. Literally. And quick.

When our friendly bartender asked if we wanted anything else, we pondered, & after overlooking the menu, decided to each order something different, so that we could switch mid-way through (Dear Lord) to experience the full impact. He chose The Scholar (above), a minty creation with white rum. I chose, & loved, Richard’s Revenge. A blended, icy, swirl of black rum with pineapple, coconut cream & orange juice…mostly, that black rum, though.

Question: What is black rum?! Neither of us had heard of this shade of the booze. Let me put it this way, though: I would gladly have it again.

All their drinks come in adorable, Hawaiian Tiki Room-inspired cups, one reminded me of that bad luck charm Bobby found when The Brady Bunch went to Hawaii, remember?! I was waiting for Vincent Price to walk in & take off the curse.

The Good Luck Bar is really a blast, & I recommend it if you’re a local like me, or visiting, bring out-of-town friends, too. All the specialty drinks are only $10. The atmosphere is very chill, with kitschy red décor & I bet it gets busy & more loud on the weekends, but, despite the small settings, it looks like they hold a lot of people. In search of their rum or whiskey. There is a small parking lot, & lots of street parking, too. Just make sure it’s not a permit-required block! 🙂

And, one more question on my mind….who is Richard & what’s his revenge??

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5 Responses to The Good Luck Bar in Los Feliz!

  1. stazawitz says:

    I have decided that when I come to visit you, we have to go here!! Actually this post had made me want to pack up and move to Cali right this moment, and you know that Kenny and I really want to move there as it is, hehe!

    P.S. rumor has it in my family, that I am related to Marilyn Manson, some how. I don’t know how truthful it is, but I think it would be awesome. 😉 I missed him when he was here, which sucks, I’ve heard he puts on a GREAT show!

  2. Ohhh, a date! Exciting! I love Los Feliz too–will have to check this place out!

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