California Girl… #WordyWednesday

I had a bit of a blah time last week, I was reminded of my auto-immune struggles as I just felt…pardon my French, like crap. But, on the plus side, I could at-least get out the door, & do what I had to do. Then, when I found myself on a lunch hour near Venice Beach, I was reminded at what an AWESOME state I live in.


Sometimes, I admit I forget that I live in such a desirable part of the country. I watch shows like The Kardashians or award shows & think, why the heck would people watch this? Then, I remember…oh, yeah, Mailbu & Calabasis aren’t within an hour of, say, Virginia, or Kentucky, or anywhere but LA, where I happened to be born.

While I have been to nearby Santa Monica & love their pier with the roller coaster, ferris wheel & fun, I had not yet visited Venice Beach, famous for its stretch of restaurants, bars, shops & the art booths & vendors that line the sidewalks. It was the day before a “Strom Watch” took effect for SoCal & it was beautiful for a quick stroll…


The amount of vendors were minimal, I spoke to a man who sells jewelry with the well-known “Evil Eye” symbol, famous from the Mediterranean, & he told me to return on a weekend to get the full sights. I still saw some really cool art & baubles, though.


The drive along Pacific Coast Highway from Santa Monica to Venice is one any visitor to LA needs to do…or, locals too…like me 😉 Its complete SoCal bliss. There’s also their famous Abbot Kinney district, which is known to attract celebrities, too, & don’t forget, eclectic arty fun like this ballerina clown….


Happy Wednesday! xo

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3 Responses to California Girl… #WordyWednesday

  1. I know, we are really lucky! I wasn’t born here, but I have called California home for the last 10 years, and I feel so fortunate. Hurray for the golden state!

  2. stazawitz says:

    Stop, stop, stop, making me wish I lived in California! I need to win the lottery, so we can move! BTW I love ALL the these photographs!!

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