Happy Birthday to…us!

Today is a very special day, folks. Its my birthday! Did you get me a trinket?? 😉 Those who know me probably know I love birthdays & astrology, not so much reading those horoscopes in the back of the newspapers, but to learn about what our date of birth indicates, how the stars were aligned when we were born & just general traits of ones zodiac sign. I also love to find out who shares my birthday, & if I think we are at all alike. I don’t particularly see it with the 10-26 peeps I have listed below, but thought it would be fun to send a shout out to them & notice what Scorpio traits they seem to have….xoxo!

While Hilary Clinton, born today 66 years ago, is a very educated force of nature, she, in true Scorpio form, isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself, either.

One of my favorite singers, Natalie Merchant, who is today, oozes such sexiness & intensity in her performances. Sex & Intense are Scorpio’s middle names.

While he enjoyed working for Hanna-Barbara, Seth Mcfarlane, who is blowing out 40 candles today, knew he wanted to have Family Guy be a prime time show. Although he dealt with some rejections, Seth kept at it in very true Scorpio form & carved his own path, which has become one of the most successful cartoons ever. Pretty cool, huh?!

And, Katy Perry, whom was born 10-25, is a true Scorp in that shes all about the death & rebirth; prior to her new album, Prism, coming out, she apparently made teaser videos burning candy & blue wigs to show us that a new Katy is ready to roll….

My years have definitely been super fun & full of new experiences thanks to this blog, so, today, when I enjoy a drink (or 2), I will raise a toast to you! CHEERS! xo

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday to…us!

  1. Susan Cooper says:

    Wow you share your birthday with some wonderful people. Especially yourself….

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