2vLive Presents Demi Lovato at The Belasco Theatre!

The 2vLive concert streaming platform is in full swing & its second show, featuring Demi Lovato, is now in the books, & I am so excited to say that I was there to be apart of this awesome new approach to see your favorite performers.

While there have been opportunities to watch performances live streamed for a while now, what makes the 2vLive approach unique is that they offer customized concerts, an interactive platform that allows users to do things like buy merchandise without leaving the show, interact with other fans simultaneously watching remotely, and ask the performers questions during the performance via iPad.

If you’re unable to attend the actual taping, you can simply purchase a virtual ticket for $5.99 & still enjoy the perks like buying custom merchandise designed just for that gig.

The performance kicked off with an energetic, bubblegum-pop fun-filled set with up & coming singer, Temara Melek (below). She truly had what it took to get an already pumped up audience even more ready for a great night & her back up, all male dancers certainly knew how to make the girls go wild!



Nothing could compare to the roars & hollers when it was time for the beautiful Demi to hit the stage. Opening with radio favorite, Heart Attack, Demi looked like a classic rock grrl such as Pat Benetar & rocking blue hair. With 4 albums in just 5 years (not to mention movie soundtracks), Demi managed to cover many of the favorites from her entire catalog. She mentioned how fun it was to be performing for such an intimate crowd as oppose to her usual, large arenas, & that she could chat with us. She went on to make a shout out to her many devoted fans that she has the pleasure of seeing frequently, & that they know her older material, thus, when she launched into Get You Back & La La Land.


DSCF6366 (2)

Some very poignant moments came when she was accompanied by piano. Her rendition of Rihanna’s Stay, which is becoming a staple at her concerts, was both stunning & haunting. Followed by the heartbreaking Nightingale; before beginning, she explained some hardships she has recently overcome, which includes the death of her father, whom she was estranged. His death inspired the start of The Lovato Scholarship Fund, helping those with mental illness.

Having seen her perform Skyscraper on TV, I knew it would be powerful, but nothing compares to hearing her perform it live. You could see tears fall as she sang the lyrics & everyone in the room was connecting through her, which Demi later mentioned was why she loves concerts; that one song can bring a room full of strangers together as we’re all there to reflect & sing along to the songs we love.

DSCF6365 (2)

I am so happy I got to be at The Belasco Theatre to experience this, & look for Demi on her Neon Lights tour…I may just join you if you go! xo

(Disclosure: I was a guest of 2vLive for review purposes. All opinions are my own & it was great!)

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3 Responses to 2vLive Presents Demi Lovato at The Belasco Theatre!

  1. Wow what a great experience. I have never heard about this type of concert before. Do you think it is something that will catch on. 🙂

  2. W says:

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed with the 2vLive.com website. I paid the money to watch it live but they had technical difficulties for everyone the first 30-40 minutes. Then I was able to watch for about 5 minutes before it stopped working for me completely. Couldn’t get back on the site and still can’t watch the concert even though 2vLive.com told us we could re-watch it (or in my case, actually ‘watch’ it) whenever we wanted for a limited time. Obviously, none of this is on Demi, I’m sure she put on a great performance for her fans but I wouldn’t pay money for this again. Now i can just watch it on youtube as people already have some clips up. If it actually worked, I would gladly pay the money as it was more than affordable (and a fair price) but seeing as it didn’t work, I’ll save my money next time.

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