A Walk with Hammond…. #WordyWednesday

I thought it might be a fun project to take pictures as I took Hammond (aka–Hammy), my blogs mascot, on one of our walks we often do in San Marino’s beautiful Lacy Park. The park, where I grew up going to as a child, has about 5 acres that boasts a tennis court, in & outter loop walking trails, plenty of grass, sublime trees & of course, a playground.


Hammy & I usually start out at their entrance on St. Albans Drive, there lays the gorgeous rose gardens, which is easily as impressive as the gardens at nearby Huntington Library. I must say, it’s a little bittersweet when I notice their small little dip down to the bushes from the grass, I used to think that was the best & BIGGEST hill when I was little! Being a big kid now, I love to watch my pup roll down.




Hammy, above, is always very on alert when he hears kids nearby or a bike coming his way. Its so funny when we walk by the tennis courts & he acts tough as he goes right up against the fence, then if a ball hits, he runs away….only to try again, & alas, whimper away from the sound of the hit once again…


There’s usually a time in our walks that he will simply decide he has found the perfect spot of grass to take a break on. I made the mistake of giving him a treat the first few times this occurred, so, you can imagine some days there’s a few rest stops in hopes for a Minty.



The picture below, is one of my favorites. This lil guy simply loves to stop & smell the flowers. Wherever we walk, if he sees a garden, he will want to stop & take in their scent. At first, I thought he wanted to dig or play in other people’s plants & bushes, but nope. He has become my reminder for taking time to stop & smell the roses….


Happy Wednesday, & remember to enjoy the day like Hammy! 🙂 xo


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6 Responses to A Walk with Hammond…. #WordyWednesday

  1. Susan Cooper says:

    What a cutie. It is so wonderful when we have a furry friend to spend the day with. 🙂

  2. stazawitz says:

    That is so adorable that he smells flowers! 🙂

  3. Hammy is such a cutie! And I love that you have been able to take him to a place you went to as a child!

  4. Jamie says:

    Love your dog Hammy and glad i got to spend some time with him before moving away =) such a cutie..

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