Wanna be pen pals? Mary is still in search of the best gluten-free diners in & around LA. If you know of them, or anything else cool, e-mail her!

Don’t forget to connect with her here, either….

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4 Responses to Contact

  1. Could I just ask if you are gluten-free by choice or because, like my Mother, you have coeliac disease? If you are interested in baking I can recommend some good cook books and some of my own recipes, though they are British so I’m not sure if you could get all the ingredient where you are. Hope you are well.

    • Hi Amy! I wish I was not GF, but I get very bad headaches & stomach aches usually if I have wheat:( My Dr did check for Celiac & that came back negative, so she thinks its an intolerance. I would love to know about the books so pls feel free to pass along any info. Thank you & hope you & your Mom are well: ) ~M

  2. Bill Ratner says:

    ACM, thanks so much for the lovely review of Bobbywood. You’re a true Lucy afficianado!!

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