More of My Favorite Things…

Happy Veterans Day, friends! I feel I have been a bit¬†AWOL with posts lately. What’s going on in your world? I have some great articles lined up this week, like a feature on a sugar alternative & a giveaway ūüėČ In the meantime, here are some¬†more of my favorite things¬†I have been enjoying….


Just a couple of the adorable birthday cards I received, these were from Stacie & Ariel…

How about this gorgeous orchid from¬†my buddy, Harmony? ūüôā

This is kind of, dare I say, dull photo, but I have really gotten into fragrant candles burning in my apartment. This one above smells like a pine forest!


Trick or treat! I was Alice in Wonderland for Halloween.

This picture really captures Fall to me. I visited The Huntington Library for a bit on a whim recently, & already want to go back. If you want to come along, please do ūüėČ


And, there’s nothing like day-after Halloween sales ūüėČ

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Join Me for A Night Out in Beverly Hills for Food Heals!

I am always one looking for ways to naturally make myself be healthier. Since watching Forks over Knives, its been opting for vegan butter over dairy, & trying for more kale salads as a side instead of french fries. After I saw Supersize Me, I was reminded why I do not eat red meat or only get coffee from fast food chains. I still have yet to peek into Food, Inc…which sounds informative, but…graphic. The next health documentary on my to-watch list is Food Heals, which showcases a top lineup of people, from sports stars to screen actors, on their quest to rid themselves of such horrible diseases including cancer.

While I know some cancer patients who have indeed survived with medical treatment, there are many people out there looking for answers beyond chemo treatment & what medical Doctors¬†are recommending, that’s where documentaries like Food Heals come in.

On November 16th in Beverly Hills, you are invited to learn more about the film, mingle with the stars, hear live music & enjoy juice & food tastings of cuisine & concoctions featured in the movie. You might just even get to walk the red carpet, too ūüėČ For as little as $25, you can be apart of the fun & help get Food Heals’ voice heard. For more info & tickets, click here & join me on the 16th!

(*Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, I am happy to help get this film some exposure.)

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A Happy Halloween from Eek at The Greek! #Halloween

Another awesome year for Eek at The Greek went down at Griffith Park’s gorgeous Greek Theatre Sunday night & I am so happy I was able to attend to snap some pictures & hear Symphony in the Glen perform some spook-tacular, haunting songs. Especially, a medley from one of my favorite musicals, Wicked! If you didn’t make it this year, make sure to make it a priority next Halloween….



DSCF6226 (2) - Copy


DSCF6224 - Copy




DSCF6293 (2)It was super cool when I arrived to my seat, to notice that many of the orchestra members, & all the ushers, were decked out for some costume fun, along with all the youngsters (& some parents, too) for the event ūüėČ



What will you be doing tonight? I will once again be out among about a hundred thousand people in Hollywood. Have a wonderful, safe Halloween, my friends! xo

(*Disclosure: I was provided complimentary tickets to Eek at The Greek for review purposes.)


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A Walk with Hammond…. #WordyWednesday

I thought it might be a fun¬†project to take pictures as I took Hammond (aka–Hammy), my blogs mascot, on one of our walks we often do¬†in San Marino’s beautiful Lacy Park. The park, where I grew up going to as a child, has about 5 acres that boasts a tennis court, in & outter loop walking trails, plenty of grass, sublime trees & of course, a playground.


Hammy¬†& I usually start out at their entrance on St. Albans¬†Drive, there lays the gorgeous rose gardens, which is easily as impressive as the gardens at nearby Huntington Library. I must say, it’s a little bittersweet when I notice their small little dip down to the bushes from the grass, I used to think that was the best & BIGGEST hill when I was little! Being a big kid now, I love to watch my pup roll down.




Hammy, above, is always very on alert when he hears kids nearby or a bike coming his way. Its so¬†funny when we walk by the tennis courts & he acts tough as he goes right up against the fence, then if a ball hits, he runs away….only to try again, & alas, whimper away from the sound of the hit once again…


There’s usually a time in our walks that he will simply decide he has found the perfect spot of grass to take a break on. I made the mistake of giving him a treat the first few times this occurred, so, you can imagine some days there’s a few rest stops in hopes for a Minty.



The picture below, is one of my favorites. This lil¬†guy simply loves to stop & smell the flowers. Wherever we walk, if he sees a garden, he will want to stop & take in their scent. At first, I thought he wanted to dig or play in other people’s¬†plants & bushes, but nope. He has become my reminder for taking time to stop & smell the roses….


Happy Wednesday, & remember to enjoy the day like Hammy! ūüôā xo


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2vLive Presents Demi Lovato at The Belasco Theatre!

The 2vLive concert streaming platform is in full swing & its second show, featuring Demi Lovato, is now in the books, & I am so excited to say that I was there to be apart of this awesome new approach to see your favorite performers.

While there have been opportunities to watch performances live streamed for a while now, what makes the 2vLive approach unique is that they offer customized concerts, an interactive platform that allows users to do things like buy merchandise without leaving the show, interact with other fans simultaneously watching remotely, and ask the performers questions during the performance via iPad.

If you’re unable to attend the actual taping, you can simply purchase a virtual ticket for $5.99 & still enjoy the perks like buying custom merchandise designed just for that gig.

The performance kicked off with an energetic, bubblegum-pop fun-filled set with up & coming singer, Temara Melek (below). She truly had what it took to get an already pumped up audience even more ready for a great night & her back up, all male dancers certainly knew how to make the girls go wild!



Nothing could compare to the roars & hollers when it was time for the beautiful Demi to hit the stage. Opening with radio favorite, Heart Attack, Demi looked like a classic rock grrl such as Pat Benetar & rocking blue hair. With 4 albums in just 5 years (not to mention movie soundtracks), Demi managed to cover many of the favorites from her entire catalog. She mentioned how fun it was to be performing for such an intimate crowd as oppose to her usual, large arenas, & that she could chat with us. She went on to make a shout out to her many devoted fans that she has the pleasure of seeing frequently, & that they know her older material, thus, when she launched into Get You Back & La La Land.


DSCF6366 (2)

Some very poignant moments came when she was accompanied by piano. Her rendition of Rihanna’s Stay, which is becoming a staple at her concerts, was both stunning & haunting. Followed by the heartbreaking Nightingale; before beginning, she explained some hardships she has recently overcome, which includes the death of her father, whom she was estranged. His death inspired the start of The Lovato Scholarship Fund, helping those with mental illness.

Having seen her perform Skyscraper on TV, I knew it would be powerful, but nothing compares to hearing her perform it live. You could see tears fall as she sang the lyrics & everyone in the room was connecting through her, which Demi later mentioned was why she loves concerts; that one song can bring a room full of strangers together as we’re all there to reflect & sing along to the songs we love.

DSCF6365 (2)

I am so happy I got to be at The Belasco Theatre to experience this, & look for Demi¬†on her Neon Lights tour…I may just join you if you go! xo

(Disclosure: I was a guest of 2vLive for review purposes. All opinions are my own & it was great!)

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Happy Birthday to…us!

Today¬†is a very special day, folks. Its my birthday! Did you get me a trinket?? ūüėČ Those who know me probably know I love birthdays & astrology, not so much reading those horoscopes in the back of the newspapers, but to learn about what our date of birth indicates, how the stars were aligned when we were born & just general traits of ones zodiac sign. I also love to find out who shares my birthday, & if I think we are at all alike. I don’t particularly see it with the 10-26 peeps I have listed below, but thought it would be fun to send a shout out to them & notice what Scorpio traits they seem to have….xoxo!

While Hilary Clinton, born today 66 years ago, is a very educated¬†force of nature, she, in true Scorpio form, isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself, either.

One of my favorite singers, Natalie Merchant, who is today, oozes such sexiness & intensity in her performances. Sex & Intense are Scorpio’s middle names.

While he enjoyed working for Hanna-Barbara, Seth Mcfarlane, who is blowing out 40 candles today, knew he wanted to have Family Guy be a prime time show. Although he dealt with some rejections, Seth kept at it in very true Scorpio form & carved his own path, which has become one of the most successful cartoons ever. Pretty cool, huh?!

And, Katy Perry, whom was born 10-25, is a true¬†Scorp¬†in that shes all about the death & rebirth; prior to her new album, Prism, coming out, she apparently made teaser videos burning candy & blue wigs to show us that a new Katy is ready to roll….

My years have definitely been super fun & full of new experiences thanks to this blog, so, today, when I enjoy a drink (or 2), I will raise a toast to you! CHEERS! xo

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Join Me for Demi Lovato Live in LA! #TheDemiLovatoExperience

There have been quite a lot of young pop stars hitting the scene the past few years. While some¬†I frankly think are much too provocative for their age & young fan base, I have always had such respect for Demi¬†Lovato. Demi became one of Disney’s biggest pop stars with her hit movies, Camp Rock, Princess Protection Program & her hit sitcom, Sonny with A Chance.

Then, Demi very publicly decided to leave the limelight & The Disney Channel, as she faced her own demons. She did not shy away from sharing with her young fans that their idol had been battling mental disorders & bulimia, & she has since come back better than ever, with albums & singles selling millions, & while she admits she takes it day by day, she at last looks much more healthy & seems to be getting to a more peaceful place within her.

While I am one to totally admit that I love a good radio song, Demi is indeed one of my favorites. Her singles Give Your Heart A Break & Skyscraper are awesome, go-to power anthems that I (very badly) sing along to in the car. You can imagine how excited I am attending her concert this Monday at The Belasco Theatre in Downtown LA! The venue has undergone a major restoration, with 40,000 square feet of gorgeous architecture & world-class rooms where you will feel like a pop star yourself.

I¬†would love to see you there, so why don’t you check out tickets, which are going quick, by clicking here¬†& let me know if I will see you there! xo

(Disclosure: I have been invited to this concert & pre-party. All opinions are my own & I am so excited to see Demi!)

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