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Bake This Holiday Season with Pyure Stevia Sweetener! #AMaryHoliday

Do you notice a trend in these pictures of me? Whether I be warm in Chico, or freezing in Central Park, I seem to frequently have a coffee cup in my hand. Its true, I do love a good cuppa … Continue reading

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Oh My Greek! Wallaby’s Yogurt is Delicious, Enter to WIN! #Giveaway

Greek yogurt is always a tricky snack for me; while I love that it offers much more protein than regular yogurt, keeping me full longer, I have tried some that have been good, yet many that I didn’t really enjoy. … Continue reading

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Let’s Get This Party Started! #UBP13

I was intrigued when I saw some of The SoCal Lady Bloggers attending this Ultimate Blogging Party, which is an annual event/linky week held by identical twin bloggers (& Moms!), Janice & Susan. Their blog is adorable & too cute … Continue reading

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My new favorite snack….Sahale Snacks!

My Dear Readers…if you follow my posts at all, wouldn’t you say I am a bit of a “gusher”? That if I like a product, or am passionate about something I am writing about, I use lots of exclamation points, … Continue reading

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Everybody gets high, Everybody gets low….

Boo. I had a great dinner (GF spicy shrimp from Pei Wei…mmmm!) yet now I feel thirsty, out of breath, bloated, fatigued, lethargic, a little nauseous. Sure enough, I am 380. If you’re thinking, she couldn’t be that old! I am … Continue reading

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10 Things That Make Me Happy…..

Sometimes, as a blogger, you are a Copycat. Like it or not. If someone were to be inspired by something I post, I would be beyond flattered. So, hopefully Vanessa is as I am going to list 10 of my … Continue reading

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A Very Strawberry Soiree!

This past Friday evening, Erin over at Horsing Around in LA  & I had the pleasure of attending an event put on by the California Strawberry Commission & held in Newport Beach at The Fashion Island at TrueFoods Kitchen, a restaurant I have long … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Tofu Veggie Lasagna!

2 of the yummiest meals I have had the pleasure of having have been…lasagna! The 1st time was last summer on my trip up to Northern CA to see one of my best friends, Ariel. Her roomie, Helen, made a BOMB … Continue reading

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Greetings from the River!

Last weekend I had the fun of going on my 2nd girls getaway to Parker, California….& Parker, Arizona!;-) My great friend Erin (I speak of her alot…but in-case you’re just joining my program, shes over at http://www.horsingaroundinla.wordpress.com) annually invites her … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Galore!

Is it me, or is gluten free food really popping up EVERYWHERE for us?! Over the weekend, I had a great getaway over in Parker, Arizona (Border of CA) & was pleased as pie to discover their Safeway had quite … Continue reading

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