Gluten Free Brownies feat. Tosi Superbites plus 10% OFF Your Order!

I got to admit, since moving into my new apartment with air conditioning, that means I am often oblivious to the HEAT we have outside & lucky for me….& the blog….that means I can have the oven on & be trying out great new recipes & dinners, desserts…mostly desserts ūüėČ

When Tosi Superbites offered to give me some samples of their almonds & cashews, I was thrilled. I am always looking for new, healthy snacks & Tosi definitely is just that, like their web-site says about their awesome nuts:

Available in Almond or Cashew or a combo-pack of 6 Almond and 6 Cashew¬†Superfood snack available in almond and cashew¬†Comes with 12 packages totaling 24 servings¬†Our tosi superbites are exactly what we are about… simple and true. In a day and age of not knowing much about what is actually in the foods we eat… Tosi SuperBites have NOTHING to hide…

They also offer great protein shakes….

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and/or even a healthy snack in-between, Tosi Compete Meal is a great easily added routine for optimal healthy living.  A complete meal in a minute, our shakes (Vanilla and Chocolate) not only provide a great source of highly digestible protein, but they also give your body a daily break from the hard work of digesting processed foods.  This is because our Complete Meal is packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes so your body gets great nutrition from a source that is easy to digest.

I decided to try out the almonds in my gluten-free brownie mix….


After mixing in all needed ingredients as per the box directions, I then sprinkled in the Tosi Superbites Almonds & let the baking begin!


I also added in some amazing dark chocolate morsels….hey, they were near their expiration date! ūüėČ

DSCF5823 (2)

The results were a delicious, nutty brownie. I must admit, they truly seemed to have more satisfaction with the almonds mixed in. I enjoyed the cashews on their own as a mid-day pick-me-up snack. They’re perfect to grab for your bag & have at the ready. I love that they’re organic,¬†& just may have many health benefits. Also from their web-site:

Tosi has created the 5 most necessary core products that every person needs to optimize their health. ¬†The key to Tosi’s success is that every product contains digestive enzymes that allow our bodies to properly absorb and utilize the food we eat.¬†

Want to find out for yourself? Tosi can be found in select stores in Los Angeles/Orange County, like Mothers & Nektors Juices, but the easiest way just may be to order online & use this code: TEN1013 for 10% off!

(*Disclosure: I was provided with free samples for review purposes of Tosi Superbites. All opinions are my own & I LOVE them!)

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