Come Along with Me at my New Blog!

This has been a LONG time coming…..

I have moved Along Comes Mary to a self hosting page & have given the blog a makeover….take a look by clicking here.

I will be closing down this URL by end of the week & truly hope you will continue to follow me. I am having to start over a bit with my numbers, views & subscribers, so your love will be VERY appreciated. A lot of things seem to be changing for me, I am excited & happy to let go of my lil first ‘home’ here.

See you at my new domain! ūüôā

xo, Mary


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Mushroom, Garlic & Peppers Quiche…by Me!

For months now, I have been admiring all the bloggers that bake so effortlessly, especially one little dish that I have heard time & time again is so easy to make. Melanie told me so. Amy posted a delicious one. Even my Dad made it sound simple.

It was finally time to attempt this easy-bake dish myself. And, because I am a risk taker…it finally occurred.

My dears, I made a Quiche!

Mind you, it was very spur of the moment & I had to gather up what was lying around¬†my fridge. It’s not¬†one I would brag a whole lot about. But, for a simple night at home after work, cuddling with your dog,¬†quoting Clueless (“You’re a virgin who can’t drive!”) or solving the crime with Benson & Stabler (I KNEW it was the bartender!), in your jammies… get the idea. That’s when this quickie Quiche is perfect.

DSCF6443 (2)

I still need to master the perfect crust, but here’s my recipe:

Pillsbury Gluten Free Pie Dough
5 eggs
Green bell peppers, mushrooms, garlic, basil, sea salt, cheddar cheese (This is the part where you can make up your own variation.)

Preheat the oven at 425. Grease up your pie pan & put the crust in, I pre-baked the crust for 10 minutes & while doing that, I stir fried the veggies on the skillet, whisked the eggs, added in the milk then combined all ingredients in the egg mixture bowl. My final touch was crumbling in a slice of cheese. Oh yeah.

I baked it for about 20 minutes, then 5 mins on broil & voila. An impromptu dinner is served! ūüôā


I would love to feel my next Quiche is even better to bring to a party or make for someone special, besides Hammy. What are your tips for a great Quiche? & I am open to other crust ideas, too! ūüôā

Happy weekend. xoxo

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Delivery Man is the Perfect Comedy for A Date Night… #DeliveryManMovie

(*Disclosure: I was invited to an advance screening of this film from Disney/DreamWorks.)

New Yorker meat truck driver, David Wozniak, really isn’t a bad guy. Despite having no career aspirations except delivering pork for his Fathers business,¬†needing a loan for a weed business he is secretly growing in his apartment & dealing with a pregnant girlfriend who may or may not want him in their baby’s life, he really is a great guy at heart, who is just looking for some comfort from his family.

But, what if he has many more next of kin than he thought? In Dreamworks’ new comedy, Delivery Man, Vince Vaughn plays David & soon embarks on a journey after¬†being told¬†he is being slapped with a lawsuit of about 150 kids out of 533 that are his biological children, a massive mishap occurring back when he donated sperm under the name of ‘Starbuck’, wanting to know just who their Dad is.


Parks & Recreation star, Chris Pratt, plays David’s sidekick best buddy with an expired license in Law, who attempts to represent him on this, to some very humorous hijinks, & even accidentally making the world think he & David are lovers, love the quip that his Mother wasn’t surprised & his kids think its cool!
When he is given a manila envelope containing the profiles of some of these children, David begins searching them out & becomes their ‘Guardian Angel’ as he goes to see one son win a major league basketball game, cover a coffee shop shift for another as he goes on an audition for the role of a lifetime & save one of his daughters from a drug overdose.


Davids cover may soon be blown by one of his very own. When young Viggo discovers just who this man rather stalking kids truly is, he wants answers. When news does hit the press about a guy known as Starbuck is out there & David learns that Emma (How I Met Your Mother’s¬†Cobie¬†Smulders), his expecting girlfriend, thinks all the allegations & news is all disgusting, he panics….can’t he keep his girlfriend, baby….& the 533 children?


Based on the 2011 film, Starbuck, also by Director, Ken Scott, Delivery Man is indeed a bit far-fetched¬†yet has many poignant, sweet moments showing us that not everyone is how they seem & may have a heart…when we learn just why David wanted to earn so much money & resulted to sperm donating, it’s a¬†real tear-jerker. A shining co-star in the film for me is Sebastian Rene, who plays the disabled Ryan. David has such a difficult time approaching such a severely handicapped person, but steps up to the plate to get to know this son as best as he can.

With a score by the awesome Jon Brion, you will¬†not only¬†be treated to some great music, but¬†gorgeous¬†shots of Manhattan, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it was not filmed in Canada but set in New York. Rivington Street is the real deal! ūüėČ

Delivery Man opens nationwide tomorrow, November 22nd & is rated PG-13. It’s the¬†perfect date night, lighthearted comedy. For more info, visit the official web-site here.

(*Disclosure: I am invited often to Disney’s advanced screenings. All opinions are my own.)

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Consider ‘Orchids’ for the Plant Lover on your List. #AMaryHoliday

I think that¬†it is more than a¬†coincidence¬†that since getting a beautiful orchid plant for my birthday & discovering how much I love these exquisite plants, that I got the opportunity from Sterling Publishing to share with you the brand new, 200+ page “coffee table” style book, Orchids.

DSCF6428 (2)

Featuring the genius shots of  Italian Photographer, Fabio Petroni, he reveals the magnificence of the orchid, a flower that often appears in works of literature, poetry, and art in order to convey a sense of elegance and charm. Each page featuring a magnificent orchid is titled by fun, creative & often, witty titles that represent each of the eclectic personalities like Privileged Young Lady, 3D Vision & Love at First Sight.

DSCF6437                                                           (Above, Extravagance.)

There is also much text to read & insight to learn. Unlike a lot of oversized hardcover books, featuring an array of photographs alone, Anna Maria Botticelli has written beautifully about each .¬†A biologist and microbiologist with a passion for plants,¬†Anna Maria has worked¬†more than 20 years with various Italian publishers, including Arnoldo Mondadori¬†Editore, Cairo Editore, Periodici¬†San Paolo, and Pentagono¬†Editrice. For Gardenia, Italy’s most important monthly magazine on flowers, plants, and gardens, she oversaw the production of several monographs, including one dedicated to orchids.


Now available by clicking here, this would be such a fabulous gift for either the book lover on your list, someone who loves flowers & gardening, or perhaps that special friend or relative with a new home, looking to decorate & collect unique books. I grew up fortunate to spend much time in the back yard with my Grandmother, who has always had an extensive array of plants & flowers adorn her living spaces. She would love this collection.


Are you an orchid fan, book lover? I would love to learn more from you! xo

(*Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of this gorgeous book.)

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Bake This Holiday Season with Pyure Stevia Sweetener! #AMaryHoliday

Do you notice a trend in these pictures of me? Whether I be warm in Chico, or freezing in coffee1Central Park, I seem to frequently have a coffee cup in my hand. Its true, I do love a good cuppa jo & when I feel like adding some sweetener to it, I usually opt for the real thing over sugar-less alternatives…because, they just seem…not good. But, when Pyure offered for me to try out their All Natural, Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free Stevia sweetener, I thought it sounded perfect for me & my sweet needs.

Coffee2Pyure has made¬†a great-tasting, zero-calorie, organic stevia sweetener that is completely sugar-free. We started with our organic stevia, derived from the sweetest part of the plant, and then we blended it with organic agave inulin fiber, a probiotic and digestive aid. The result is an industry first ‚Äď a healthy, organic solution for diabetics, like myself, and other health-conscious eaters (Hello, Gluten Free!) who only want the very best.


They also are making energy drinks & a baking sweetener, complete with recipes like gluten free muffins & martinis, on their web-site. I tried out my samples in coffee, & loved it. On their web-site, they have a store finder, so I hope you will find the location nearest you & start your holiday-sugar-friendly baking with Pyure! xo

(*Disclosure: I ws provided samples of this product. All opinions are my own.)

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12 Angry Men at The Pasadena Playhouse

(*Disclosure: I was given press tickets in exchange for this review.)

What happens when you have to bring together 6 Caucasian men, 6 African-American men, to a court room as jurors to decide if a 16-year-old boy is guilty of murder, with many of the evidence simply made because of the geographic area & the boys background?

Simple. 12 Angry Men.

The classic 1957 teleplay written by the late, great Reginald Rose is being brought to life currently at one of the best gems for the performing arts in LA, The Pasadena Playhouse. With a groundbreaking cast, it seems like a natural fit to have 12 males of mixed ethnic backgrounds breathe new world into the story.

We’re introduced to the jurors tired, annoyed & simply ready to agree GUILTY that a young man from the mean streets of New York killed his Father late one night that the boy swears he was at the movies. Witnesses hearing screams, the boy unable to recall the name of the film he saw, weapons present as clear proof, would make one assume this is a cut & dried case….

But, maybe not. When Juror Eight (the multi-talented stage & screen actor, Jason George)begins as the lone Juror to say NOT GUILTY. Heated discussions begin & the audience is taken on an incredible ride with a glimpse into prejudice & just why some of the men have it so in for a young man they do not even know.

Not only is 12 Angry Men dramatic theatre at its finest, but it certainly can resonate at many dilemmas we as a nation continue to face today. And while Angry may be in the title, the audience appeared to be anything but. They all seemed to be amazed at the abilities of the cast & moved by the powerful message throughout the story. We were fortunate enough to be in attendance for the post Q & A, & when Director, Sheldon Epps, posed the questions: Did you think the defendant was White, Black, Latino? Did you think he was guilty?


What do you think?

12 Angry Men plays through December 1st at The Pasadena Playhouse. Tickets are selling fast so book yours now by visiting the web-site.

(*Disclosure: I work often with The Pasadena Playhouse & am so thankful for these opportunities to see such wonderful live theatre!)

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Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt! #AMaryHoliday

Welcome to the first edition of #AMaryHoliday. From now until we’re thick into Christmas time, I will highlight something once to twice a week¬†that I think can be beneficial to you for the holidays; it may be something to use or make¬†in the kitchen, ease the stress of the holidays or, like in this case, a great gift idea….and, to kick it off, I may just give you one of these awesome beauty mitts ūüėČ

I know what you might be thinking, an oven mitt? Beauty? Huh?! When Dermasuri¬†offered to send me one of their exfoliating¬†mitts, I admit, I was a bit confused. But, unlike a mitt you use when cooking, you slip this magic mitt on when you’re about to hit the shower or a bath. Unlike loofahs ¬†or bath sponges, the mitt is made of an effective¬†material that can be used in the shower to deeply exfoliate, prep the skin for tanning or waxing, or as a dry-brushing tool.¬† Dermasuri¬†Deep Exfoliating Mitt¬†smoothes¬†skin, stimulates collagen, improves circulation, reduces ingrown hairs and clogged pores, helps even skin tone and dullness, removes impurities and increases the absorption of skin care products making it one of the best skin exfoliators for the body.


This would be such a great gift idea for someone who loves to look & feel their best, & may have a ton of beauty things in the cupboard; you would be on the right track with bath sets, perfume or lotions, but, you know they already have too much of these kind of things. (Ahem, like…me!). Can you think of anyone who has an exfoliating mitt? Dermasuri is certainly onto a new wave of a great, quick way to rejuvenate your skin.

How would YOU like to win one?! Dermasuri is offering one lucky reader of mine their own to try. To enter, simply LIKE their Facebook by clicking here¬†then let me know in the comments. As usual, get an additional entry by clicking here to LIKE Along Comes Mary. Enter by December 2nd, & good luck! ūüôā

(*Disclosure: I was given a Dermasuri mitt for review purposes & they will provide my winner with one, too)

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More of My Favorite Things…

Happy Veterans Day, friends! I feel I have been a bit¬†AWOL with posts lately. What’s going on in your world? I have some great articles lined up this week, like a feature on a sugar alternative & a giveaway ūüėČ In the meantime, here are some¬†more of my favorite things¬†I have been enjoying….


Just a couple of the adorable birthday cards I received, these were from Stacie & Ariel…

How about this gorgeous orchid from¬†my buddy, Harmony? ūüôā

This is kind of, dare I say, dull photo, but I have really gotten into fragrant candles burning in my apartment. This one above smells like a pine forest!


Trick or treat! I was Alice in Wonderland for Halloween.

This picture really captures Fall to me. I visited The Huntington Library for a bit on a whim recently, & already want to go back. If you want to come along, please do ūüėČ


And, there’s nothing like day-after Halloween sales ūüėČ

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Join Me for A Night Out in Beverly Hills for Food Heals!

I am always one looking for ways to naturally make myself be healthier. Since watching Forks over Knives, its been opting for vegan butter over dairy, & trying for more kale salads as a side instead of french fries. After I saw Supersize Me, I was reminded why I do not eat red meat or only get coffee from fast food chains. I still have yet to peek into Food, Inc…which sounds informative, but…graphic. The next health documentary on my to-watch list is Food Heals, which showcases a top lineup of people, from sports stars to screen actors, on their quest to rid themselves of such horrible diseases including cancer.

While I know some cancer patients who have indeed survived with medical treatment, there are many people out there looking for answers beyond chemo treatment & what medical Doctors¬†are recommending, that’s where documentaries like Food Heals come in.

On November 16th in Beverly Hills, you are invited to learn more about the film, mingle with the stars, hear live music & enjoy juice & food tastings of cuisine & concoctions featured in the movie. You might just even get to walk the red carpet, too ūüėČ For as little as $25, you can be apart of the fun & help get Food Heals’ voice heard. For more info & tickets, click here & join me on the 16th!

(*Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, I am happy to help get this film some exposure.)

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A Happy Halloween from Eek at The Greek! #Halloween

Another awesome year for Eek at The Greek went down at Griffith Park’s gorgeous Greek Theatre Sunday night & I am so happy I was able to attend to snap some pictures & hear Symphony in the Glen perform some spook-tacular, haunting songs. Especially, a medley from one of my favorite musicals, Wicked! If you didn’t make it this year, make sure to make it a priority next Halloween….



DSCF6226 (2) - Copy


DSCF6224 - Copy




DSCF6293 (2)It was super cool when I arrived to my seat, to notice that many of the orchestra members, & all the ushers, were decked out for some costume fun, along with all the youngsters (& some parents, too) for the event ūüėČ



What will you be doing tonight? I will once again be out among about a hundred thousand people in Hollywood. Have a wonderful, safe Halloween, my friends! xo

(*Disclosure: I was provided complimentary tickets to Eek at The Greek for review purposes.)


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