A Spot of Tea with Tea Savant….

Tea Savant is an awesome online store out of Los Angeles offering the finest in, you guessed it, any & all kinds of TEAS you can imagine. Since meeting up with them via Twitter, we began to chat & I was so excited when they offered to send me some of their varieties to try. While I am a definitely a coffee girl in the morning, there’s nothing like that afternoon slump when you can take a break to enjoy some tea. It always manages to bring me back to my “best” during a weekday, but without those java jitters.


For those moments, I reached for Dragon Darjeeling, their strongest & very robust chai tea. A black tea that offers much spice, I enjoyed it straight, but I know a lot of folks enjoy their stronger caffeine fixes with some cream/sugar, which go good with Dragon Darjeeling. I really could taste the cinnamon that’s an ingredient, which is a match made above for me 😉

With warmer days here, it’s always great when you can reach for the iced tea…instead of popping a few dollars per hot day moment & craving at the coffeehouse. I decided to try the Green Passion & its perfect. Its got a hint of grape & pear cooked in Sauvignon Blanc…how can this not be delicious?!


My 3rd sample was a tea I had been wanting to try lately, a Jasmine called Imperial Jasmine Pearls. A green, this one has many lighter notes & while the caffeine is there, it’s very mild. I love the aroma of Jasmine & enjoyed this cup after dinner…a low-cal dessert, you could say!

Tea Savant always has a great Sale section on the web-site, & right now if you order 4 samples  from them, enter the code SAMPLE for $3 off, & don’t forget: Free shipping on $20 or more orders! 🙂 Make sure to LIKE them on Facebook & Twitter, too! xo

(Disclosure: I was provided 3 complimentary samples to try & review. All opinions are my own & they were lovely teas.)


(Even Hammond recommends them! 😉 )


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7 Responses to A Spot of Tea with Tea Savant….

  1. I am a tea love so this really resonates with me for sure. 🙂

  2. Jeri Walker-Bickett (@JeriWB) says:

    I recently stopped drinking my morning cup of Joe (the horror!) and am now trying to stick with coffee as a weekend treat (otherwise too much cream and sugar). So that means I’ve been getting more into tea lately, so it’s good to see this post come along 😉

  3. Yay tea! I am obsessed;) I can’t function without a cup in the morning, but I rely just as much on my afternoon tea to keep my head in the game. So cool that you got to try these!

  4. BTW, I just bought some tea from them just recently. I do love their selection. 🙂

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